I scanned through that shit show Facebook post, and good lord, why is anyone supporting this? IF there's a baby--big IF--it's being carried by the TIF partner or a surrogate. And yet this dude is just doubling down on saying he has this super secret non-US team of people (doctors?) and that the only place you'll hear about this groundbreaking medical freakshow is direct from him and oh, by the way subscribe to his patreon or pay him $100 an hour to chat about race issues.

How are there so many people just lining up to give him money or kiss his ass? And even some of them are just like "if you don't believe it just mind your own business! Who does it hurt?" Like, ok. Who does it hurt if I say I have fucking cancer when I don't and I get people to fund raise for me and donate to my care? This makes me so angry. Fuck you, dude, but also fuck you to every idiot who just fucking smiles along with this obvious charade--congrats, you're the biggest part of the problem. There have been crazy dudes for all of human history, but people didn't celebrate them and participate in their delusions until recently.