My only TIF friend actually hates men (huge cognitive dissonance there) and is lesbian, so at least she won’t be going on dates with rapist males (and my heart goes out to this poor woman who was assaulted), but I don’t understand how they can all male-identify without recognizing that men’s thinking, behavior, and socialization regarding sex is completely different. Men are overwhelmingly predatory users who see women as walking “cum dumpsters.”

Women don’t despise men the same way and get off on degrading them and being sexually violent to them. For men, entitlement, rage, sex and hatred are deeply intertwined. They can assault a woman and walk away with zero guilt. In fact, they look back on it fondly.

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Yup, they view sex as a tool for "putting you in your place" and "getting one up on you." It took me a long time to understand this because in mind mind, consensual-sex-as-revenge makes about as much sense as feeding someone a cupcake as "revenge." But a man can literally enter a consensual sexual encounter where his female partner is excited and happy, and come away from the experience thinking "yup, I showed her who's boss!" They really ruin everything with their horrible petty vengeance mentality.