That's not really the issue, girls understand that everybody lies. The problem is that girls are taught that casual sex is empowering, that they must push their boundaries in bed, and that they're just as strong as men. So after they're raped (or had what they considered to be a one night stand) they feel empty, humiliated, hurt, and confused. And they can't even put their finger on why they feel this way, everyone told them that sex is fun and healthy. That's the real lie, the one that teaches girls and young women that sex is the same for men and women and that we're all the exact same. I know this because I used to think like this, and when I finally opened my eyes it changed me. Sex can be good and all, but we will never enjoy it as men do, casual sex for women is disappointing at best and dangerous at worst.

Also the prominent media lie of friends with benefits turning to something more if you have an amazing personality/looks. Nope when a man tells you what he wants, believe him.