Exactly what I was wondering. How can she be in a PhD program for religious studies and not see their blatant incompatibility?

I think she may be more focused on American Buddhism? Her twitter profile says she is Thai but I saw she tweeted one of her papers which was focused on American Buddhism and sexual violence. There are so many views in Buddhism though, from the extremely religious, to NeoBudhism, to just philosophical beliefs. Academics who study religion/cultures do have a long history of pushing their own values onto others and ignoring diversity within the groups they study.

That’s really interesting! I didn’t know that about American Buddhism being a unique viewpoint/form, but it makes sense.

Just doing a little reading, it seems that American Buddhism has had a more feminist message and has focused on more women in leadership positions and important social/environmental issues, and has highlighted how often women would traditionally get relegated to only cooking and cleaning tasks in Buddhist organizations and temples.

It’s really sad that if she were following this form/school of thought and chose to focus her studies on the problem of male sexual violence that she would still end up as a TIF and buy into all the gender role BS of trans ideology.