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That's odd, why was she able to wait until 18 for the hysterectomy without literally dropping dead? Almost like she's just repeating what the groomers taught her: double mastectomy as a minor or else you die; hysterectomy can wait until the age of consent. The cult decides which organs you need to have removed as a child to survive.

The TRA declaration: "Women" can have penises, but "men" will die if they can't take steroids and chop their breasts off before the age of consent.

Exactly. They can also live with their sexually dimorphic smaller hands, smaller jaw lines, lack of brow ridge, still get pregnant and give birth and breastfeed, and all the multitudes of other things that make them women, eg every fucking cell in their body. But no just the breasts. πŸ™„ It's a delusion.