She said in another tweet that these procedures happened many years ago (which only makes me more ill, knowing how long they've been doing this to kids)... She might be in her 20s/30s? I thought it was quite common for dark haired men to have ginger beards, guess it applies to women too. I can totally believe it's the same person, testosterone can really change a woman's appearance (and body in general...).

There were some older children being medicalized on the same 20/20 program that Jazz Jennings was featured on in 2007. So it's been happening at least as long as that.


One was 17 year old girl who had already been given testosterone, but she still had her breasts. She apparently socially transitioned in 2004 at the age of 14, but her parents were not happy about it. After self-harming, the parents allowed testosterone at 16. It's unclear what type of therapy she was given, if any. Her story starts at 32:21 in the video above. That fucking evil Johanna Olson-Kennedy shows up, gleefully cheering on this young girl's medicalization.

I'm not sure double mastectomies were being performed on minors at that time, though. I wish we had a definite date for when that started. If this Twitter user is in her early to mid 20s, the timeline for underage surgery would make sense. Jeremy, the 17 year old girl in the video, would be 32 now. I wonder what's happened to her.