That should be 'He Says What'

Oh I don't know who this is... I just went by the name my bad :/

I only found out brianna wu was actually a man pretty recently too - i think because there weren't a huge amount of photos of him floating around before and he was surprisingly quiet about it for a TIM a few years ago.

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Don't be. This is why I no longer buy into the "name are just names, a male can have a feminine name if he chooses it" way of thinking anymore. Those names are sex-based for a reason. It's all part of the plan to completely mislead and gaslight you.

Names can be names but in a charged climate like this where it's specifically used to mislead you into thinking the name owner is male or female, no.

A great example of why this guy is a super famous lolcow.

" Brianna Wu / John Walker Flynt - "Biggest Victim of Gamergate," Failed Game Developer, Failed Congressional Candidate"

I did not realize for the longest time that Brianna Wu was a TIM.

"A tree is a tree but also a bird. It's not that hard."

Thid is how it sounds.

Ugh this is disgusting.

She was attacked online for being FEMALE in the gaming world, and yet she is advocating for these men. Do her brain neurons not make the damn connection here?!? (Apparently she’s a big deal in the gaming world? Idk, I just did a brief search on her.)