I think this is exactly why their movement and ideology is going to fall down. Absolutely no one has time for this crazy bullshit.

Speaking of bulls, a castrated bull does not turn in to a cow.

I'm not biohacking my endocrine system for the rest of my life just for you to tell me I'm not changed.

If sex isn’t real, why must you bio hack your endocrine system for the rest of your life?

I once asked this question of a TIM on Preddit(before I was perma-banned from the whole site for "promoting hate"🙄) and he completely flipped out, started calling me names, and then reported me. Seems like I was getting a little too close to that dreaded reality and logical thinking for his taste.

Love how he tries to flex is lonely X chromosome 😂 dude you need TWO

All they do is gaslight. Same thing with whenever someone talks about how hormones and surgery for minors is bad, and they go "no minors are given surgery!!" Then they collectively have a breakdown whenever some place explicitly bans surgery for minors, besides just ignoring and pretending it doesn't happen anywhere in the first place.

None of that is how the human body actually works but nearly 2000 people are upvoting it anyway. I thought we were supposed to be an intelligent species

India Willoughby is hoping to run for the Labour Party (UK) in some upcoming election and he now says he is a biological adult human female.

The only thing he got right is that he does have a lizard brain. “Vulva things”….says the dumbass delusional male whacking it to porn every hour on the hour.

That ain't how biology works but, go off Tall Boi.