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Fight for trans equality? As in, fight to take away all the excess privileges they've been given over and above normal people?

I'm in! Where do I sign up?

The invention of 'trans rights' was a genius move by the patriarchy. They can now throw all their 'support' and 'allyship' behind men and get to look like the good guys while they do it.

Let’s skip the support of women, and give our support to the most oppressed of all women, MEN!!

Not vulnerable incarcerated women

Not abused women needing a safe single sex refuge

Not underaged pre-women who need physical and emotional protection from groomers

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LMFAO @ “Gendered Intelligence”…. 🙄

“Pride?” Beyond disgusted that the T is allowed to bully the LGB (especially lesbians) and it still gets called “pride.”

“Children in Scotland?” The T teaches GNC children that they should mutilate themselves or be doomed to commit suicide…that they are not okay as they are, that their bodies are ugly and wrong.

And of course the T bullies women and girls 24/7 but oh yes, “equality.”

Well that’s a lot of support for the most oppressed and most vulnerable group right!

They' re so oppressed they are backed by politicians, business, media, Hollywood, social organizations and academia.

Poor souls, I wonder how they manage to survive with all that lack of support.

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Yeah, especially support from tiny, unheard of corporations like Absolut, Citi, P&G, Aviva, Barclays, ebay, Virgin, and Tesco. God, however will they get their funding?