This is why in mainstream spaces I make it a point to always use "transwomen" rather than "trans women" because I know how much it makes them dilate and seethe. ;)

Moi aussi. Those men are MEN who are not some TYPE of woman. Enjoy my compound word and I'm never giving you that space -- PUN INTENDED.

If there's no difference between male and female bodies, how can anyone ever be trans?

They are literally arguing there is no difference between a male body and a female body. Fuck right off, us women KNOW that males, whatever they subject themselves to are NOT the same as us. Biology is their biggest enemy, nature is a TERF and science is a transphobe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 24 points

Sun dogs are dogs that identify as having solar ancestry!

Prairie dogs are dogs that aren't afraid to steppe to ya!

Hot dogs are dogs that just need to cool off a bit mmkay!

((cuts mic)) am I doing this right

Everyone knows that trans means fake.

Fakewoman or fake woman, it's all the same.

We're the same right until they want to list all the ways in which they are the superior "women", then suddenly we're worlds apart πŸ™„

Yep. Classic MRAs who just want to pretend we're all the same(especially when it comes to them beating us) until it comes time acknowledge their alleged "superiority"

it's funny to me that they will say "trans women and cis women are literally the same", but the same person will still, at some point, say "ugh, CIS women will NEVER understand the issues TRANS women go through".

This is like a decade old talking point from them, and it's funny how insignificant it is. Their blood is on your hands if you don't put the space in between the words btw

Here is a link to the post on Reddit for the delusional comments!


Edit: It feels like they’re always pushing and pushing to be one step closer to erasing us altogether and taking all things woman for themselves.

It’s not our fault you’re so obsessed with being us πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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This one made me laugh. The lack of self-awareness is off the charts with these people

[–]Toxic_AudriTrans Bisexual 13 points 1 day ago

I hate that the most. It's always said with so much venom behind it too, trans isn't a gender, it's not a separate species, it's not a noun, it's an adjective, it describes, specifically it describes the state of being in conflict with ones physical body from their mental image of self. I've had to describe what transgender is on more than one occasion with transphobic bigots calling it a mental illness, it's not an illness, gender dysphoria is just a conflict between mind and body, we cannot change who a person is mentally, even if we could it raises so many ethical issues that it shouldn't be done even if it was possible, along the same lines why we shouldn't lobotomize people. We can however change a individuals body, and that addresses the issue just fine. No need to resort to messing about with someone's brain just to make bigots comfortable about their own gender/sex ideals because they don't like the idea of trans people changing their biology through the use of hormones and surgery, because of their own insecurities.


"transgender" is literally your group's name

A state of conflict between mind and body IS mental illness

"changing your body with hormones and surgery" IS modern day lobotomy AND because of YOUR insecurities of not looking "cis" enough

Fucking cope LMFAO

the state of being in conflict with ones physical body from their mental image of self

He literally just admitted his body is male but his brain thinks it's supposed to female, as in, he's a man who thinks he's a woman. 🀣

His inner TERF is shining through.

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