Everyone knows that trans means fake.

Fakewoman or fake woman, it's all the same.

This is like a decade old talking point from them, and it's funny how insignificant it is. Their blood is on your hands if you don't put the space in between the words btw

If there's no difference between male and female bodies, how can anyone ever be trans?

it's funny to me that they will say "trans women and cis women are literally the same", but the same person will still, at some point, say "ugh, CIS women will NEVER understand the issues TRANS women go through".

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They dont like the use of the word "transwoman." I usually use TIM but if I'm going to use the other word I intentionally spell it that way. The lack of space is important. And I just learned this one ...Transweemen. Even better.

nope nope nope. You are not now nor will ever be any kind of a woman. Die mad.

(thanks for the heads up though, from now on I will forever use the one word option).

They are literally arguing there is no difference between a male body and a female body. Fuck right off, us women KNOW that males, whatever they subject themselves to are NOT the same as us. Biology is their biggest enemy, nature is a TERF and science is a transphobe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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