I'm also disturbed by how much damn make-up they've loaded a 10-year-old’s face with. I doubt either of “her dads” have ever worn that much. I feel like, until puberty, it's sometimes hard to determine if a child is a boy or girl, but Noella is clearly a boy, even in a dress with face full of cosmetics.

It's doubly fucked up that they wanted to escape this life for themselves but have no trouble foisting it on their own child. Wouldn't that be the last thing you would want since it caused you so much grief yourself? Makes no fucking sense

That's the reason why I never understand how TIFs and TIMs can tolerate each other, one is escaping from the burden of womanhood and the other fetishizes it. Since this boy has a biological brother and an adoptive baby sibling* (I don't know their sex) the comment that says they are transing him out of envy of being the only man in the family is not right... Hopefully they will leave his brother alone if they managed this far, Noella was transed since he was 2 and he's now 10, his brother is around the same age, if they wanted to trans the other boy too they would have done it already. Plus I don't think it's that deep, it's just pure attention seeking and Transhausaen by proxy. But the theory that a TIF would try to emasculate her son so that she can look and feel more masculine in comparison is also something I can imagine happening.

*see previous post

[–] PearPuddin 6 points Edited

If I recall correctly the brother had to firmly tell his parents he was a boy.

They kept asking him are you sure of your gender and such nonsense.

They'll accept a trans child but kept bothering their older son for being normal. I suspect the TIFs were bothering these kids about it gender from the moment they could talk.

Found the article.

However, Noella’s brother has drawn the line, Dee said. “My son sat us down and told us he is a boy and is staying a boy.”


Some pre-pubescent kids look pretty androgynous, but I agree, this kid is 100 percent male bodied - so, when puberty hits him (if he's not already totally damaged by Lupron by then), he's going to be broad and tall...there are no surgeries for shoulder or height reductions...at least not yet.

[–] SparklingFem 3 points Edited

Oh, but there is. They basically saw off part of the clavicle to reduce shoulder width and give shoulders a more “feminine” shape.

Right?? And yet his male hands are already as big as the hands of the two women. Poor boy.

May I ask what makes Noella clearly male?

I personally can't see it, but I'm really awful at distingushing sex. I would have thought the parent on the right was also male at a first glance. Just kinda curious what the giveaway is if there's anything specific.

I'm not sure if I can't point to a particular thing, but when I look at him, I see a little boy in make-up, not a girl. I've seen other photos from articles that it's not apparent he's a boy, but this particular photo it is.

To me it's the whole face. The shape of the nose, the width of the jaw, the eyes, the forehead, everything just screams " young male boy dude". It took just a glance, he's very masculine-looking despite his costume.


A preadolescent TIM who doesn’t pass.


Do they ever?

I know someone who transed her child at four. She decided he was a she at four. She then went on to have a second baby, this time a girl, and now she dresses them in matchy-matchy outfits, but it's very clear which is the boy and which is the girl. It becomes even clearer as the little boy gets older (he's about 7 now).

These children are going to suffer so much as they age, and there's nothing to be done for it but wait for the class action suit that's all but guaranteed to come.

[–] malloww 0 points Edited

Yeah, I know a kid who was transed at four. His mother would post pictures of him with girls (play dates, school events, that kind of thing) and he stuck out in such a painfully obvious manner. The only thing that ever made it not still immediately obvious that he was a boy was gaining a bunch of weight. That happened roughly a year ago and he's around the age they're likely to put him on lupron now, so I have honestly wondered if it's a side effect. Although I will be honest, it has caused another problem for his passing, namely that he prefers to wear leggings and now with the weight the leggings are... Unfortunately tight. I'm kind of baffled as to how the parents haven't addressed it with him because it seems like something you wouldn't really want your rising middle schooler to have to worry about, but the mother has primary custody and is one hundred percent a narcissist so maybe allowing her child to walk around in a state that will likely lead to embarrassment and social harassment by his peers is the point...

No they don’t. Maybe that’s behind the push for as early as possible because we all know your absolutely best chance at someone not being able to register your sex on sight spans approximately from birth-18 months.

Jaron/Jazz didn't "pass" at any point in his unfortunate life either, even as a toddler. His parents should be charged with child abuse.

I saw a bunch of stories about the kid but seeing the parents now just adds another level of sick

[–] crodish [OP] 34 points Edited

They're both so painfully female. And their son is so obviously a son.

There's a photo of him in that article decked out in pink and blue floofy tutus, wearing a shirt that says, "this is what trans looks like". Yup. That's exactly what it looks like. Fucking grooming all the way down.

ALL his photos have nothing but trans propaganda in them. The kid has never known anything else.

He actually still very much looks like a boy. He has a very rough and abusive road ahead of him, that's so tragic. I wish someone would save him.

Anyone that says this ideology has no social contagion is wrong.

[–] crodish [OP] 14 points Edited

This Makes Me Angry | This Makes Me Sad | Is This Munchausen | Lesbian Erasure | Make It Make Sense

Article and image source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/transgender-model-10-becomes-youngest-27759107

Archive (broken): https://archive.ph/6fIUl

Previous discussions:



Image Transcript: Twitter

leila, @ leilaltka22

Transitioned at 4 years old with absolutely no influence from the parents.

BornFabnotafab, @ msmerrythought

It’s confusing. So two female parents who identify as male somehow decided their male child was a girl? Is that what’s going on here? They both wanted to be male but didn’t like having a male child?

IreDarken, @ IreDarken

Envy and jealousy of the real male in the family

BornFabnotafab, @ msmerrythought

Penis envy? Poor child will never grow a proper one now.



So, it was a family sex swap? Seems healthy. This kid is about to hit early stages of puberty - he very clearly is a boy and will soon be taller than at least one of the, I presume, parental figures.

[–] crodish [OP] 9 points Edited

I hope he grows up into a gigachad lmao, unlikely though if he's on blockers and hormones

You can already tell he’s got the makings of an absolute unit. You can usually tell the boys who are gonna be huge dudes.

I doubt he will get anywhere near Tanner 2 before they have him on blockers.

That boy was transed when he was just a toddler and has a brother who is most certainly a real boy too, since the mother (the dark haired one on the right) stated his biological father wasn't acceptive of his identity and tried to force him to wear his brother's clothes. The father lost custody and the mom (Dee McMaher) later got together with another woman, who is probably also a TIF and gave birth to a child. So these two TIFs are now parents of McMaher's two sons and the other TIF's baby. I highly suspect the other son and the baby will be transed too in the future. OP already linked in her comment the post I made about this Munchie Mom the other day but here it is just in case.

Edit: alright if Noella's brother who is around the same age as him made it this far without being transed maybe he's safe but you can bet they are transing the baby, I'm certain they are already bringing them up while concealing their sex and using gender neutral language and such.

[–] Carrots90 3 points Edited

The dad lost custody for having sanity?

And yet if a father beats and strangles mom, but doesn’t yet, or as far as is known, hirt the kids he can still have shared custody because it was only the mom he brutalized


The dad is allegedly an abusive alcoholic who broke the child's arm while trying to force him into "boy pajamas." If true, and not something invented by these clearly unwell women, he sounds like a real winner.

In this case, it doesn't seem like either parent is a safe choice. But because child transition isn't regarded as abuse, good luck getting anyone in power to take action.

It would be nice if the reason dad lost custody is because of abuse. It would mean the system is actually trying to protect kids and not acting as the enforcement arm of the gender cult

It's honestly strange. They hated being female to the point that they are willing to erase themselves, but they are so eager to take maleness away from this little boy.

I fear for the baby. If the other son has escaped being transitioned for this long, he'll probably be okay. But the baby is fresh meat.

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