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Okay, so this Reddit community might be one of the most hatefully misogynistic things I've ever encountered. Bunch of entitled rapists who don't deserve oxygen.


Is money an issue?

I heard there was an easy way to make loads of money, and you could help out lonely closeted or old gay dudes


It didn’t occur to you?

Why not??? Why didn’t it cross your mind to sell your various holes?

Wait. So a huge number of men will "deprive" the world of their presence if they can't have access to prostitutes for sex? All the more reasons to abolish prostitution.

They think they have a shot at “average normal girls” and making them an FWB? Because normal looking women aren’t drowning in gross unwanted male attention online and in real life? These men are outta their minds.

[–] GCRadFem 37 points

I get an adrenaline rush from booking and meeting up with a new escort

New addiction level unlocked

[–] real_feminist 31 points Edited

Proof that it's about power not sex. Just like non-compensated rape.

Sometimes it feels like it’s better than the sex part.

Yep. Saying the quiet part out loud.

Always think it's very cute/(bannable mind content) that they refer to it as a hobby lol. Who else's hobby depends entirely on the dubious participation of someone else who doesn't give a fuck about it and only lasts three minutes 🙃

[–] hontrapoints [OP] 🤢🤮 26 points Edited

Calling it a "hobby" is so strange. Are they calling it a hobby so they can covertly talk about it with one another publicly? Idk, if I heard two grown men discussing a vague "hobby" and not stating what that hobby actually was I'd automatically assume it was something gross or nefarious. But it's probably just a cope.

Just play Yu-Gi-Oh or something, bro. It will be better for you in the long run.

[–] GCRadFem 12 points

Calling it a “hobby” removes the compulsion and the addiction to the thrill.

Calling it a hobby, means that you can stop doing it and can develop a new hobby, any time. Like collecting stamps or bottle-tops.

Hiring escorts for sex continually removes it from hobby-land and directly into “I can stop any time but I just don’t want to”

Hiring escorts continually removes it from hobby-land and smack dab into “I don’t know why but I get really anxious and depressed if I don’t go online and hire a new escort for this weekend”.

Lmfao please, please get into Yu-Gi-Oh or something dude. Honestly, even Digimon would be okay. Or trains. Weird fucked up guys love trains. Unrelatedly one of my fav twitter hashtags I've ever found is definitely "trans on trains" lol. So many selfies of extremely awkward TiMs on trains.

A lot of incel hates men that pay for sex that could be why they call it a hobby in online spaces? Incels call these C*ucks

Prostitution is a system utilised by females to exploit ugly mens' unfulfilled biological desires by intentionally denying them sex for free, resulting in these men being forced to have no choice other than to PAY (sacrifice their resources) in order to get sex.

Interesting. So, are the incels mad about that they have desires, or that they don't have money?

Also, obviously "dEnYiNg SeX" isn't a thing. Not having sex with everyone you meet is the standard baseline for all humans.

I wonder whether they also consider wanking to porn a hobby ...

I guess they have to. Not like they do anything, you know, productive.

The depths to which a man can sink into getting real weird with it wrt his porn "hobby" are so totally insane too. The labyrinthine filing systems, the ability to identify an actress by looking at her back (!!!), etc.

One minute a man who was once a woman's son is looking up "sexy hentai" and the next he's completely unable to achieve orgasm without watching a girl fart on a cake or turn into an airplane 😔

Nono, it's a lifestyle. Actually, I've seen a lot of men claim it's a biological necessity that they need in order to be healthy. Wonder why all men didn't just lie down and die before the recent decades in that case.

Jesus Christ. Almost barfed in my mouth. Reading shit like this hits different when you're a recovered prostitute.

Till this day i still shudder, feel sick & anxious over the the categorization of my sisters bodies. Former street trick, men like this never cease to make me internalize assigned value.

Fucking insane all these years later I still have a visceral, vapid, foul, self loathing reaction to the ranking of women. Men like this turned me into a competitive, petty, self hating woman.

Obviously my own issues are still a work in progress, but reading this is a reminder of the long term damage this lifestyle brings with it.

Fuck johns.

I'm so sorry, i can't imagine how that must feel. I know it's not much but I'm glad you're out and here with us now ❣️

Notice he wants to swing his filthy dick at “normal girls” too in hopes of SAVING MONEY with a FWB. 🤮

Idiot libfems— take note. These are the men you defend and how they see you and all of us as they pursue their little “hobby.”

Funny how there are unmotivated and depressed women, but nobody has ever advocated to get a bunch of hot men to entertain them. Those women would be called extremely perverted and selfish, because they're supposed to get therapy and take care of themselves.

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