The one telling her to just try it, what harm can it do? Makes me want to throw up. They’re disgusting, all of them. They don’t give a damn about women’s boundaries at all, and they gleefully want to stamp all over lesbian’s boundaries.

Also, there is a lot of harm it could do. Unwanted pregnancy, complications of pregnancy and birth, STDs, etc. It could literally cause her to die, if she actually believes them and doesn't protect herself.

"Just trying" to have sex with a man is dangerous even for hetero women.

It's especially dangerous for lesbians, though, because finding all men equally repulsive, they are even less choosy than hetero women, which puts them at high risk. (Not to mention that 100% of TIMs who want to "have sex with" rape lesbians are, well, rapists. "Try having sex with a rapist, what is the worst that could happen?".)