"Also a trans woman’s penis can be very different from a cis man’s penis. this article has a section on what changes a trans woman might go through. the skin changes, the shape can change and taste can change. trans woman can also get wet like cis woman."

It's the same organ! Even if it's shriveled and distorted it's still a dick! Oh, get a grip, people!

Every single "trans lesbian" is telling her to give it a shot and mansplaining their genitals in great detail.

Meanwhile, the actual lesbians:

"I wish I could date trans-lesbians, but we always end up as friends. I do have a strong genital preference, and maybe that's why the chemistry has never worked for me."

"I’ve (afab) tried it, it didn’t work out for me. Broke up with her after we had sex because I knew it wouldn’t work out long term."

"I’m cis and have a lot of trauma related discomfort around penii—as I’m sure many of us do!"

I’ve (afab) tried it, it didn’t work out for me. Broke up with her after we had sex because I knew it wouldn’t work out long term.

This comment shattered me. He raped her. He fucking raped her.

The one telling her to just try it, what harm can it do? Makes me want to throw up. They’re disgusting, all of them. They don’t give a damn about women’s boundaries at all, and they gleefully want to stamp all over lesbian’s boundaries.

Also, there is a lot of harm it could do. Unwanted pregnancy, complications of pregnancy and birth, STDs, etc. It could literally cause her to die, if she actually believes them and doesn't protect herself.

"Just trying" to have sex with a man is dangerous even for hetero women.

It's especially dangerous for lesbians, though, because finding all men equally repulsive, they are even less choosy than hetero women, which puts them at high risk. (Not to mention that 100% of TIMs who want to "have sex with" rape lesbians are, well, rapists. "Try having sex with a rapist, what is the worst that could happen?".)

Omg every time these men are commenting in droves that the AGP will just have a tiny atrophied dick from the wrong sex hormone poisoning!

Can we dissect that for a second? Hey lesbian! Instead of a woman, can I interest you in your own oppressor? Yeah he is completely male bodied.. but! He performs regressive 1950s sex stereotypes about women! :) Cool right, it's basically like dating someone who's permanently in blackface, but as a woman! Lesbians are totally into womanface right ;) but... It gets better! Maybe you are worried about the dick? Well worry no more! It's completely dysfunctional and basically slowly dying off :) i mean.. uhm a sick defective fetishistic man is basically a woman right? Yeah!

They always say they don’t even want to use their dicks during sex like that’s supposed to make a difference. It’s not just the dick that’s unappealing, it’s the whole man attached to it and the Y chromosome in every cell of his being.

I am convinced these creeps have perfectly functional dicks and if they coerce a lesbian into having sex with them their erectile dysfunction will “suddenly” be cured because omg I’m in love with you babe you make me feel so safe no one’s ever managed to do this before … it would be a shame to waste it, why don’t you just let me rape you this one time … please babe I have blue balls and it hurts etc etc literally the same shit men have been saying to women for millennia in order to wear women down into having sex with them.

Right, and how are you supposed to have sex without ever coming into contact with your partner's genitals? Hugging, rubbing your body against his or hers, sitting atop him or her, etc? I'm hetero but I imagine a lesbian would just vomit if she accidentally felt a half hard penis while rubbing against a supposed "woman" 🤢

there’s a reason most trans women I know are T4T. When it comes to cis and trans women dating each other, the well is so poisoned by TERF bullshit that any attempt to bridge that gap can lead to a lot of grief both ways,

Yeah. ‘Tis we terves who are causing the issues between women who are exclusively attracted to women….and the men who exclusively want to date those women

What is sad is that she is even there asking for advice in the first place. This is because she has been coerced into thinking that TWAW and so, men can be lesbians.

She’s clearly struggling with the concept but seems to think she must be the problem. How sad.

[–] GCRadFem 3 points

How common is it for a cis lesbian to be comfortable vs uncomfortable with penises?

There is no such thing as a transbian. There is no such thing as cis.

Part of the TRA made-up or hijacked language they created.

Lesbians do not have a sexual orientation for men. With or without a penis.

I would not touch a TIM with a 10-foot pole.

I feel for young lesbians finding a preddit supposed “lesbian” sub. They are full of men larping as women.

Most TransWomen don’t even like to use their penises

Sounds an awful lot like “we can just cuddle. Really”

[–] KissMyOvaries 15 points Edited

As soon as she meets him she’s going to realize his photos were shopped AF.

It makes me so sad to see women who put themselves through this. If she’s a lesbian and not bisexual, she’s going to be repulsed by his body. I’m not saying that if she’s bisexual she won’t be repulsed as well, but lesbians aren’t attracted to male bodies, no matter how the male identifies.

If she’s saying this TIM is attractive, there’s no doubt his pictures have been highly filtered on top of being precisely posed.

And when she hears his very male voice? Ugh.

I hope this doesn’t end up with her getting assaulted or coerced into sex. I hope she peaks and emerges unscathed.

I hope she peaks, but even then she'll likely remain a handmaiden.

This is terrifying. It's an online attempted coercive rape of lesbians by AGP heterosexual men. This is their goal. They are all rapists.

Bahahaha I clicked on the profile of the top comment who introduced himself as a trans lesbian and this is him in real life 😂 these old AGP scrotes are fucking gross


My charity work for the day is commenting on that subreddit telling every TIM they don't pass.

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