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My take on this is that the parents obsession with his wrong “gender” and their constant interference with his normal psychosocial development (going on and on about his penis being a girl penis etc) has harmed and confused this poor kid and he’s acting out. These parents are monsters.

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Based on what he told his mom he shows off his penis because he wants people to know such an important aspect of him and also prove that girls can have a penis. His parents fucked this poor child up.

Absolutely. Fucking hell and we're the ones obsessed with genitals 🙄 we're not the ones screaming about girldick and lesbians can have dicks every five seconds.

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"I made my son lie to everyone around us, and now I am worried because he wants his friends to know the truth about him, and isn't intellectually far enough developed to tell, not show."

That's what happens when you trans toddlers.

Perhaps he's autistic and didn't cotton on to the fact that he was supposed to like trucks and dinosaurs, not unicorns and fairies in time, then got transed as a result, and now still doesn't understand social cues, resulting in this misbehaviour.

The mother deserves all the embarrassment she gets. I just hope he doesn't make other children uncomfortable.

Younger children may take off their clothes or play w/ their genitals, but 5 is too old for doing this in public without it being an indication of some kind of abuse or a developmental condition.

A 7 year old kid at my daughter's school was flashing his penis to her and some other kids. It was dealt with as sexual harassment toward the girls and the boy was given counseling (found out later he was abused by an older brother).

If this kid keeps flashing his dick, there may be consequences.

A lot of serial killers blame their hatred of women on their “overbearing”* mothers for cross-dressing them as children. When this generation grows up we are going to have a freaking wave of whacko murderer “women” on the lose

*idk how reliable these stories are, and mother-blame is often a dumb way of somehow blaming a woman for a man’s actions, so I’m not trying to make excuses for any violent male's behaviors. But the next gen. of violent males will certainly use this excuse

AHHHHHHH 🤮 I was wondering when this was going to pop up here on Ovarit

Honestly this is so terrifying. There are only two outcomes for this, and they are that this little boy is either going to sexually assault a little girl or be sexually assaulted himself by a monstrous adult. How these gormless, useless parents can witness this and not wonder if they might be complicit in something that is clearly grievously fucking him up or if he's perhaps been assaulted already is beyond me, and he should not be in their custody. They are going to destroy this child's mind and ruin his entire life. It's unbelievably disgusting.

This little boy is going to get kicked out of school. And to be frank, I have a kid this age and she does not show anyone her genitals. My nephew, who is six, doesn’t either. This is a kid who has no boundaries with people.

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Additionally, the little boy will be kicked out of school, but it will definitely of course be due to "twansphobia 🥺" and not at all because his parents failed repeatedly to prevent him from showing his genitals to the other children, who obviously weren't impacted by this behavior in any way ✨🤪

And who has been groomed by the adults in his life to not have boundaries.

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I have worked with children age 4-6. To be honest, it is not so unusual for girls to show each other their pants, usually comparing pictures so non-sexual I would say. Also a boy getting his penis out is not particularly unusual either, again it doesn’t appear to be sexual more that they are needing to understand and conform to norms and move on from testing that particular boundary/seeing what reaction they get from peers and adults. It isn’t always a sign of abuse in this age group.

However clearly in this case, this boy is keen to show people that he really does have a penis/really is a boy despite how he is dressed. His parents have made some errors of judgment. It doesn’t stick out as munchhausen I would just expect his parents haven’t thought through what they are doing and the consequences of their parenting choices. Probably dim but well meaning.

His parents are clearly diving into a harmful ideology that they are pushing on a small child. If they dive that far into trans-ideology with a small child, without thinking it through, even through to gaslighting him and forcing him to continue pretending when he is clearly trying to demonstrate to people that he is actually a boy, then they have no business having children staying with them.

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It's almost like trans ideology confuses and harms children and shouldn't be taught to them, hmmmmm.......

So even 5-year-olds know that women don't have penises. Got it.

There is something really sad (and obvious) about a little boy who has been told he's a girl by the adults he trusts, acting out in this way. It's the only way he can tell others what he knows inherently himself but can't articulate, because his language for who and what he is has been corrupted. It's the only thing he has.

So he's showing everybody he needs that he's male. Sounds not trans at all. This kid will be a school shooter or something.

Well, whoever could have predicted that when you groom your child and destroy his boundaries, he'll have no sense of boundaries?

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