I’ll take Things That Never Fucking Happened for $500.00 please….

“My relationships with the opposite sex feel dramatically more natural and fulfilling than those with the same sex. I’m still gay tho!!!1!”

The mental gymnastics 🤦‍♀️

A bisex woman who sounds like she was a political lesbian so far and now finally found a way to date men without feeling guilty about it.

"when being a woman is defined by our relationships to men" Yet I bet she thinks the definition of lesbian is a non man loving a non man, and she wouldn't see the irony in that at all. lol Good thing this is likely just the ramblings of a delusional TIM, I doubt many actual lesbians still post there

Maybe start a religion and recruit all the TIMs but put the TIM temple out on a craggy, windswept rock in the north Atlantic somewhere. Preferably close to the arctic circle.

I’m just not buying it, seems to propagandary. This was either written by a male, spicy bisexual or a TRA handmaid trying to push that good PR hoping lesbians quit having boundaries.

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Checked out her post history, seems like she’s real.

But I don’t believe that’s she’s a lesbian one second, Actuallesbians is full of bi and het “bicurious” handmaidens jumping at the chance to call themselves lesbians to gain approval and karma from TIMs.

In another post she’s telling people to read a book Juno Dawnson’s What’s The T, so I guess she’s just a hardcore TRA. shrugs

Yeah she's not lesbian if she likes and is actively dating men, even if they're men disguised as women. Horribly brainwashed handmaiden. There's no way for her to peak except through personal experience now and that's highly unlikely. Sigh.

That is a man. Or a very brainwashed pandering bi or het woman. But the writing, syntax, expression is male male male.

'I'll take things that never happened for 200, Alex.' Some delicate TIM has dreams of settling down and playing house with a nice butch lesbian.

  1. It's a man, baby!

  2. But if it is a woman, maybe it's so "spiritual" because she can't physically stand touching him.

Lol, my thoughts exactly. "Spiritual" is euphemism for "we don' t have sex because there's no attraction, so gotta invent bullshit reasons why it is not just friendship".

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