Their fetish is so strong it makes them forget that women who have had hysterectomies and are on HRT do not claim to have periods or any type of cycle.

Autogynephilic man pretending he is a woman describes, in detail, one of the typical symptoms of autogynephilia.

This guy can fuck right off. I'm having ovulation cramping and hip pain. My reality isn't his fetish fantasy porn.

[–] GCRadFem 5 points

The delusion runs so deep, even all the way down to their pretend cramps and pretend periods.

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 5 points

Literally nothing of what he said is supported by science

Frankly, I don't need science to know that men don't have periods. I know what a period is, men don't have the anatomy required to have one.

I feel that humans haven't actually changed since the Middle Ages, they just replaced belief in religion with belief in science, but it is the exact same blind belief.

That's the only explanation for why some people are willing to believe transnonsense when told that "science" supports it.

(Strictly speaking, of course, my knowledge of the human anatomy is science, too, and the logical reasoning I use to deduct that without an uterus, there cannot be a period, is science, too ... but, you know, thing is, I don't need a Prof.Dr. Technobabble to tell me what to think.)

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 2 points

He's claiming it's science and I'm saying it's not.

I read her point as that it doesn't matter whether it's "science" or not. You don't need a scientific method to observe physical reality in front of your face. You may need it to draw some broader conclusion or conduct analysis. But language (which has "assigned" the word "period" to the concept of what he understand to be a period) is sufficient to know he doesn't have a period.