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If thats such an easy way to make money I dont know why men arent doing this /s

[–] [Deleted] Lvl5 Laser Lotus 39 points

I asked a male acquaintance this the other day. His answer? “I don’t want to”

Truly, men are so wise and really think out their positions 🙄

[–] VestalVirgin 30 points Edited

They don't think women are people, or they would assume that women also "don't want to".

Before liberal "feminism", all women knew that no woman wants to prostitute herself and that it's always born from poverty.

You should have done to him what a man would do to a woman who said that.

Why? You think you're too superior for that, even for all that money?


Why? Because you know you're not good enough and none of those guys would want you?

And just keep pushing and negging.

This is why prostitution, porn, escorting, surrogacy, bdsm, and sex work hurt all women. These things turn every woman into a product. The only question men have is “how much?”

And these Insta models/escorts/OnlyFans who sell their body because its sooo empowering and they make sooo much money are sex traitors.

[–] [Deleted] Lvl5 Laser Lotus 17 points

For free.99 I’ll [redacted] a punter in the jaw. Great deal for them, really!

Women are commodities according to them. (As opposed to property under older forms of patriarchy.)

These are the lies he has to tell himself since no woman wants to be anywhere near him

[–] Lezbhonest 2 points Edited

It honestly seems like a lot of young men today have the view of “why should I take a woman to a restaurant and pay 100$ on a meal and pretend to treat her as a person for sex if I can just pay a prostitute 100$ and have sex like I see in porn right then and there?” All of these conversations encouraging young women to participate in hookup culture and sex work is making men see all women as sexual objects that they can use and throw away as they please, but only if they figure out the right buttons to press to get her to open her legs first. Horrifying.

That is exactly the case. There are so many comments in those threads about how they prefer prostitutes because there's a guarantee of sex and you don't need to feign interest in their lives before they'll sleep with you.

These men literally complain that it is too much effort to talk to women and get to know them. So many of them expressing annoyance about listening to a woman talk about her life or recent vacations and openly admitting that they couldn't possibly care less about what she's saying.