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Sympathy level zero here. She wanted to find a gay man to gaslight and found a straight man trying to do the same to her.

I want to have sex with men but only the ones that aren’t into me

Something so pathetic and irritating about these women screaming angrily that they ARE NOT A GIRL!!! Sometimes I feel such overpowering secondhand embarrassment.

I do feel sorry for her. It must be hard living in that much denial about reality.

It is really sad how many of them conflate sex and gender. If sex was not real, you wouldn't be trans in the first place, girlfriend. Your acknowledgement that sex is immutable is implicit in your belief that you are "trans". But I guess critical thinking is not their strong suit.

I think its interesting that everyone on that sub talks to each other in the most stereotypical "this is how men talk to each other" way.

Bro, Homie, My brother, dude

It makes me chuckle uncomfortably. I mostly interact with people whose first language is not German but who also don't have a common native tongue. So they tend to use weird terms of endearment when talking to each other (the Nigel tends to call other men "nationality friend" because he can't remember their names), but never have I heard men refer to each other like TIFs do.

Eta: i know a Brit who calls everyone, male or female, "mate", so there's that.

Aside from the delusion, actually good for her for breaking up with an obvious predator. She may be fucked up(she really hates herself) but let's be real, no gay man was gonna entertain her. Men exercise their right to say no quite liberally. Now if only she could break free of this cult and still feel okay exercising boundaries with men... also not breaking other people's boundaries herself.

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Posted by u/ziltussy β€’ 10d


Dodged a bullet.
Vent - Advice Unwelcome

I've talked about my relationship here before and decided the best step to take would be to take a one month break. I told my boyfriend (ex) that he doesn't have to wait for me and I don't expect him to.

I've been seeing a lot of red flags and I'm confident in my decision to end things.

β€’ He watches straight porn
β€’ He claims to be pansexual but is seemingly extremely attracted to just women
β€’ He follows mainly sexy cosplay girls on TikTok (saw it over his shoulder)
β€’ I found his Twitter and his liked tweets were all of sexy cosplay girls with his most recent like being about specifically transdudes and transmascs.
β€’He owns a pocket pussy

There's nothing. NOTHING I've seen that would lead me or anyone to believe he's anything but straight. He's painfully straight and I feel stupid as fuck for falling for his manipulation.

I should have left him the minute he misgenered me accidentally, I should have left him when I asked him if he saw me as man and he replied with a paragraph of how HE sees my gender but it's not female, I should have left him when he said I have female traits. I AM NOT A FEMALE. I DO NOT HAVE FEMALE TRAITS BECAUSE IM NOT A FEMALE.

I'm just so fucking hurt, angry, and upset over this but to be completely honest I don't miss the non trans related issues I had with him. I don't miss his negativity, his sarcasm, his road rage etc.

I feel like myself more without him. I don't miss him, I miss his cat though.

EDIT: wanted to add I hate confrontation due to trauma. I told him we were taking a break when really I don't have any intentions of getting back with him.


There's a lot of cope in this one.

  • TIF calls herself "a gay man"
  • actual man obviously sees easy access to pussy, also calls himself "a gay man"
  • they date because the TIF wants validation and the man wants puss
  • TIF finds out man she's dating is straight af who's only using her because she's female
  • gets triggered because she's "not female" instead of realizing that no one sees her as female to begin with
  • not that gay men would never date her because they are exclusively male sex attracted males lmfao so ANY man that comes after her is at least bi

Sigh. Another new trend showing exactly why you can't escape your sex based oppression. And their own broken denial logic - if you aren't female, then how are you a TRANSman. Are you "AFAB" and "FTM" or not. If you were male to begin with you would just be a "cis" man.

Glad she's not getting used anymore but jeez they're all deluded

Honestly can't say I feel sorry for a woman trying to trick gay men into sleeping with her and then getting angry that a straight man tricked her into thinking he was gay instead

Edit: lmfao yeah she doesn't pass, not one bit. I dOn'T hAvE fEMaLe tRaiTs BeCauSe I aM nOt fEmALe gurl. no one looks at you and sees a man. Also are you r/nonbinary or a r/gaytransguy can you make up your mind

Her history also shows she has had an abortion before and is looking to schedule top surgery. Two of the most male concerns on the planet

Extremely mentally ill woman who's further confusing herself by turning to gender instead of actual help.

Extremely mentally ill woman who's further confusing herself by turning to gender instead of actual help.

This is the take-home message. Looking at her posting history is just....wow.

It's always like a mini repeak when I see stuff like her post history. Whining that if she never passes, "it's goodbye yall." These are not healthy people, but their delusions are being put on pedestals and we're told these are the most noble group of magical humans ever. Any sane person reads through that post history and wants her to get mental health ASAP. NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL. The rest of us are being gaslit to hell.

She doesn't look or dress like a gay guy, I have never seen a gay dude sport that look. She looks like a lesbian with a bit of a beard. No gay dude would be caught dead dating someone who dressed like that.

This woman's comment history gets sadder by the minute. A single parent , mentally ill, recently underwent abortion, weed addiction , has been binding for 10 years and can't cope with the pain..

Poor woman. I'm genuinely sad for her and her kid.

Yep and look what she wrote about seeking therapy:

"Edit 2: please stop recommending therapy. I feel like most people immediately jump to it and while you might mean well a lot of people can't afford it, myself included, and personally therapy doesn't work for me and has only ever made me feel worse. Another issue is that he and I both work nightshift so therapy is not going to happen.

I cannot afford therapy, if work nightshift regardless so I won't be awake when therapists are available, and so far every therapist I've seen has made me feel worse. Talking about my problems to someone who doesn't care about me and is literally just going their job feels gross, it feels wrong to be intimate and talk about my trauma to a stranger and almost every time I left an appointment in the past i left sobbing or worse than when I came in. Therapy doesn't work for everyone."

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She can't afford therapy but she can afford an elective double mastectomy because it's easier to chop your breasts off than actually work through your trauma. Cool cool cool

personally therapy doesn't work for me and has only ever made me feel worse.

Yes, actually confronting your issues is painful

Our culture has been recommending therapy more and more, but few people ever talk about how therapy actually works. It's peddled like a miracle cure for everything. Aka "just start and you'll start healing."

When, no, it actually takes a long ass fucking time.

Are there a lot of gay guys who would COMPLAIN about getting a straight guy to fuck them?

She knows she's female. She's just really fucking deep in denial lmfao I don't understand how these people live like this. So far removed from reality it's actually painful to witness

Of course she does. If she were a guy she'd be bragging about bagging a straight guy