Don't a lot of them claim they were always women? These guys need to have a meeting and get their stories straight.

My thoughts exactly.

This guy seems to be saying he found out he was a woman two years ago but before that, he was a man. And that he doesn’t want his prior masculinity questioned because he was very much a man. That doesn’t fit their narrative at all.

Increasingly - this looks like a serious mental health issue. Further strengthened when they admit things like they didn’t realise they were a woman until covid hit. He lacks the critical reflection skills to consider that maybe, just maybe…covid and lockdowns were a stressful and unhealthy time and his mental state suffered. This does not make him a woman. We are not a feeling, we are not a mental illness.

That would be a fun conversation.

Do you envision them sitting around a table like a bunch of mob bosses? Their personal handmaidens flitting around behind them taking notes and whispering information. Attuned to each giant, manicured hand flick as to what her ‘Capo’ wants?

Because that’s what I see

Why the fuck do they think that pretending to be a woman will solve all their stupid problems? It actually doesn't do shit, but they're so deep in the cult that they have to constantly tell themselves that they're lives are somehow better when in actuality they've lost family, relationships, friends, are 100x more insecure, and giving all their money to doctors and pharma to keep up the masquerade.

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Women don’t have problems. We’re all happy, beautiful, well off, and healthy.


Because it provides them excuse to opt out of the more toxic and inconvenient aspects of masculine gender performance, while retaining their male privilege and reinforcing the patriarchal system. Win win win for TIMs.

I wonder how many "eggs" cracked during covid. Stuck at home with unlimited Internet access. Endless navel-gazing and porn.

this is what happens to extreme narcissists when they aren't regularly ridiculed for their overinflated sense of self-importance, entitlement, and ego, and instead just affirmed at every turn.

can't wait for the day these fetishistic misogynists are stigmatised to all hell.

The more I read on the trans and detrans subs the more astonished I am.

My concerns with trans ideology and self ID have always been about their impact on women's rights and spaces. I knew some of them were mentally ill but had no idea of the depths of their delusion and depravity until I read their own words.

I completely agree. Like you I came to this debate from a position of concern out of single sex spaces and sport etc.

But it was the words of trans people themselves that really peaked me into how realising how abhorrent and dangerous this whole ideological movement is.

Literally make it make sense!!!

You expect us to believe that you lived your whole life as a man and only found out you were a woman during a global pandemic? You expect us to respect that and share our spaces with that?

It goes to show their absolute insanity.


I will never understand why they think transing will solve these kinds of problems.

You feel expendable and isolated? How about joining a community group, doing volunteer work, contribute to society in some way so you don’t feel expendable. Make friends so you’re not isolated. If your anger is destructive, learn to control your emotions like a damn adult!

I had not an inkling that i was queer until covid started [...] Being a man left me feeling incredibly expendable

What does that have to do with being male? Plenty of jobs proved to be indispensable during Covid. (Incl. unpaid work.)

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If you are a male in a country where trans is an option, you are not treated as expendable. Just say you watched a lot of trans porn during the pandemic.

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