Did this person confuse force (oftentimes being more capable openers of jars) and violence or is he just mental? Since we do not live in the days of yore, never once has the Nigel gone out, killed a pig brutally and then skinned it with his teeth to gift me a pigskin coat. This would be the only scenario I would see myself benefitting from male violence.

Bring back courtship display a la animal kingdom. Build a house for the woman you desire!

Considering modern housing prices, I'd be content with some sexy dancing. ;)

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That reminds me of this “if men flirted like birds” comic (found it on reddit). 😄


I don’t know why I even bothered checking the comments. I would say men are sentient garbage, but “sentient” seems like a strong word. They just repeat the same dumb evil shit over and over until I want to eject myself from existence.

According to the logic of the original tweet, the man would have to invade another house and then gift it to you :)