I suspect that women in the days of yore were quite capable of slaughtering pigs themselves. Domesticated pigs are surprisingly big animals, but nevertheless ... women have always done a lot of back-breaking work that men would have been better suited for but were too lazy for.

Things men might be useful for: Chasing an antelope until it drops dead. That would be a good use of their male lung capacity, larger hearts and blood supply and all that.

Other than that ... yeah, male violence: Not terribly useful to women.

Male-type aggression is even LESS useful to women. Defending the tribe against large predators is not male-type aggression, it is defense, an instinct mammals of both sexes have. (It is quite fascinating. Scientists have found a way to eliminate male type aggression in mice by reducing testosterone supply in the first days of life. The males thus manipulated still defend themselves, in the way a female would, but they don't show the typical male types of aggression against other mice.)

Women actually have more longterm endurance than men so I think we’d be the best at antelope chasing