Men just can't believe everything they do isn't great and super helpful.

What about all the countless wars, genocide, mass rape and torture of millions by men. "Some abuse it" well that's funny cause it seems to be more than some. Male violence rarely has benefits other than protection from.... other violent males.

We're at 22 femicides at least this year. Just today, two more women were found dead, and another attacked.

Our homicides? For the past five years, we almost had none.

Just men, killing their wives and girlfriends.

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"You, men, are not our protectors. If you were, who would there be to protect us from?"

Also? Since when does violence and protection mean the same thing? .... Never?

Does this clown seriously believe that the world is better off this way than if different groups of people could live in harmony without the men having to kill each other over resources and to prove that they have the biggest dicks? How far technologically advanced could we be if we weren't channeling it all into weaponry and warfare?

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Men have been riding the protection racket angle for thousands of years

Did this person confuse force (oftentimes being more capable openers of jars) and violence or is he just mental? Since we do not live in the days of yore, never once has the Nigel gone out, killed a pig brutally and then skinned it with his teeth to gift me a pigskin coat. This would be the only scenario I would see myself benefitting from male violence.

By the way, you don't need a man to open jars, you just need a corkscrew. Take the tip to the lid and press down until you make a hole. Then remove the lid.

I wedge a knife between the glass and the lid to break the seal. :)

I assume his confusion is that he thinks male violence protects us from violence without considering that we would not need protection if not for male violence (e.g., glorifying soldiers or men walking us home at night).

I suspect that women in the days of yore were quite capable of slaughtering pigs themselves. Domesticated pigs are surprisingly big animals, but nevertheless ... women have always done a lot of back-breaking work that men would have been better suited for but were too lazy for.

Things men might be useful for: Chasing an antelope until it drops dead. That would be a good use of their male lung capacity, larger hearts and blood supply and all that.

Other than that ... yeah, male violence: Not terribly useful to women.

Male-type aggression is even LESS useful to women. Defending the tribe against large predators is not male-type aggression, it is defense, an instinct mammals of both sexes have. (It is quite fascinating. Scientists have found a way to eliminate male type aggression in mice by reducing testosterone supply in the first days of life. The males thus manipulated still defend themselves, in the way a female would, but they don't show the typical male types of aggression against other mice.)

Women actually have more longterm endurance than men so I think we’d be the best at antelope chasing

Bring back courtship display a la animal kingdom. Build a house for the woman you desire!

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That reminds me of this “if men flirted like birds” comic (found it on reddit). 😄


I don’t know why I even bothered checking the comments. I would say men are sentient garbage, but “sentient” seems like a strong word. They just repeat the same dumb evil shit over and over until I want to eject myself from existence.

According to the logic of the original tweet, the man would have to invade another house and then gift it to you :)

Considering modern housing prices, I'd be content with some sexy dancing. ;)

Oh yeah, women really benefit from men frightening, beating, assaulting, raping and killing women...it’s not like we all live in a fear that limits our choices and informs our decisions or anything....

Oh yeah being unable to even just take a simple walk when it's dark outside because males are roaming around like feral beasts to rape and kill us, mmh such benefit

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