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If someone has the power to deny you your own biological sex, then you’re not that sex. Also, terfs aren’t the ones calling women “vagina owners” and “uterus havers”, literally dehumanizing us and reducing us to body parts.

Recognizing woman face sex-based oppression due to our biology is not the same as reducing women to their genitals. Makes me so angry.

We're not saying genitals and reproductive organs are all that women are. We're saying those are the only things that make us women. Interests, hobbies, personal fashion, sexual preferences, personality traits...none of those things makes one any more of a woman (or any less of a man, if it's a man engaging in them).

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Not them saying the old homophobic "lesbians don't like penises because of trauma" lmao they always tell on themselves

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I don’t care what you scrotes are sick of. You’re all disgusting males. You’re the scum of the earth.

Idk, this makes me want to hurt women with even more single-sex locker rooms and sports leagues. I can be kind of mean though.

OMG how dare you! Next we gonna see you advise women to work jobs and stay childfree, you monster!

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Deny us our womanhood

You aren't a woman. Womanhood isn't yours, and not yours to lay claim to. Good Goddess. And to accuse us of "reducing women to their genitals and reproductive organs"?

YOU lot are the ones demanding women be called vagina havers, and menstruators, and vulva owners. Saying only women have vaginas, saying only women have uteruses isn't reducing anyone to their body parts anymore than saying "humans have brains"

Oh my god. Here he is, everybody, the great protector and women-respecter, the feminist messiah, come to once and for all divest us women of our silly little notions. I'm so glad that a big smart man finally stepped in to correct us, so that we may not again wander from the primrose path 🥺

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I hate this reducing women to their genitals argument so much. Its just like saying something like you're reducing tall people to their height. People are just more than their gender and by even making this argument he is reducing us to just our "gender identity"

"Reducing women to their genitals" has always been understood to mean that "women's entire worth is their reproductive system." Yet again, here we see these bepenised chucklefucks changing the meaning of words without telling anyone.

A female body (and everything that comes with that) is all it takes to be a woman, and it's the one thing they will always lack. We say that all that other stuff that comes with "womanhood," like performing femininity, liking certain colors or pastimes or reading material or whatever. None of that makes you a woman, but that is all they have. They have to twist our meaning if they want to jam their male bodies into womanhood.

Reducing woman to their genitals and reproductive organs

We're not the ones referring to women as uterus holders and ovary havers.

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fuck me and fuck this guy.

how DARE they accuse US of erasing women while they are reducing womanhood to LARPing in a spinny skirt.

also, if reproductive organs aren't relevant why are they castrating themselves and turning their cocks inside out?

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