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I love this comment:

I think a lot of TERF's and bigots change their tune when they learn someone they know isn't as cis/het as they thought.

It's easy to 'other' the people you don't know and succumb to tribal like thinking when you think everyone around you is the same as you.

Honestly the only thing that might change her mind would be if someone near her winds up outing themselves as queer. Someone she likes.

I'm pretty sure a majority of GCs are GC because of direct contact with TIPs 😂

[–] nothefunkind 63 points Edited

I can vouch for this! Was full on supportive until a male friend told me i was 'incorrect' for calling him male and started to blame 'cis women' for things. Thanks for helping me peak, dude

Absolutely. Before I peaked I was somehow a "TERF" because I said a uterus is required to be able to have a period, which confused me because when I was first getting into trans rights activism they would acknowledge this. I peaked and started my radfem when TIMs were laughing at a woman who was raped by another TIM

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I peaked and started my radfem when TIMs were laughing at a woman who was raped by another TIM

Jesus that's awful. Vile, disgusting males.

[–] hellamomzilla 30 points Edited

Or, you know, I suspect a LOT of gender critical people are like me -- this explodes in the life of their family through a daughter and you understand that your daughter is likely not heterosexual, but she sure as hell is NOT a boy.

The dumbassery in that quote is just ridiculous. Plenty of straight parents understand they have gay children -- but that has nothing to do with pretending that their child was born in the wrong body or implies that gender identity is a real thing.

They have to keep adding more straw to the strawman because it instantly falls apart.

[–] malloww 16 points Edited

And direct personal experience with not being 'het'.

Edit: I don't mean the majority for that, just that I know a lot more gay people who are aware of this shit and are not really down with it than straight people.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 11 points

I’d soon stop loving anyone who claimed to be trans or enby or any of that shit. I don’t like perverts and degenerates.

[–] EternaEspiral transbian=rapist 6 points

I still love my trans identified sister and ex-best friend. But yeah, from far away. I don't tolerate lunatics that well, even though I love them.

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Idk send her to the asylum to be treated for wandering womb haver syndrome, I'm sorry that your wife has rights and cognition that must be hard for you kind sir 😢 -entire comment section

[–] EternaEspiral transbian=rapist 21 points

I love how some are straight up calling for her to be taken to court and have her children taken away from her.

[–] GCRadFem 50 points

This doesn’t ring true to me. I think it is another TRA fiction-writing 101 piece.

A straight man giving a shit about genderists? No, unless he is headed for dresses himself.

Going to talk to his 3-year-old about trans doctrine?

No, I do not believe it.

Good try though.

A lot of straight men are genderists. It doesn’t affect them in any meaningful way so they don’t actually have to engage in the issues. They can be “woke baes” and get the social clout because it doesn’t affect them. Some (let’s face it, most) also use it as a way to shit on women they don’t like in an acceptable way.

Most gendie bros I've known do it because they developed a seething resentment toward feminism and they correctly identified genderism as a way to continue to elevate all males above women, but this time with social approval.

While that’s true, this particular post also sounds like fiction to me, because this supposedly “straight cis man” seems to care a bit too much within the privacy of his own home and marriage. What does he get out of that, besides posting this on Reddit? According to the post he and his wife do not even know any trans people personally.

Yeah no, sounds like trans fantasy to me.

I really hope you're right, for the sake of the woman in this story. Imagine being married to a man like this😖

100%. This is either a run-of-the-mill karma farming fetishist or a man who just caught the ✨laydee feelz✨ after wearing his wife’s panties for the first time.

If it’s the latter, I hope she sees this post and does whatever she needs to do. However, I highly suspect that it’s the former because TIMs love to fantasize about a world where everyone buys their bullshit.

This looks very fake to me, but the sincere comments underneath are hilarious.

“She wouldn’t be like this if she knew any real trans people!” “You should read her stuff and make her read pro-trans propaganda in return”

Guarantee she’s already read their side. And most people become more gender critical if they meet trans people so that won’t work either.

They want her to read their pseudo science propaganda but the husband can't be bothered to read a single fucking article she presents to him. That tracks.

This sounds fake. He says she's been reading Mumsnet and talks about the Tavistock closing so they're probably British. The idea of an British man writing this post just doesn't ring true, (unless he is GAMP/AGP).

Attitudes of UK men I have come across:

1) If you ask him about trans rights he would say ' yes, of course, live and let live', but he has barely thought about it, really doesn't care and wouldn't go to all the effort of writing a lengthy post like that.

2) 'So we can't call things by their proper names now? 1984 wasn't supposed to be an instruction manual!'

3) Doesn't give a **** about women's rights, medicalising children etc. But making sports unfair? Not on HIS watch!

4) Patronising git, thinks women and TRAs are all fools, feminists brought it on themselves by introducing ideas like 'gender'. But wants to protect the silly women in changing rooms etc

In other words nothing like this post...

I agree.

The comments are hilarious. They're incapable of critical thinking; all they can do is take every criticism levelled against them and say "No U." "The GC call us a cult? Well, GC are a cult!" No - it's just that when people start thinking for themselves, they will arrive at conclusions that are opposed to what you believe.

"t's always so bizarre that terfs can see transness, a thing that patriarchy loathes, and say that it's just patriarchy's latest crime against womanhood." Lol. Patriarchy does not loathe transness, it loves it.

All these fetish-fuelled men telling themselves they are against the patriarchy. But not so against it they'd look after their own children of course.

I think if it's true then it's like other situations we've seen on here - he has something going on, like a porn problem or a desire to dip his own toe into AGP (or both...). He's just not saying it out loud, like some of the others have. But he himself is talking in a way that shows he has clear TRA opinions already (knows what Tavistock is and is clearly all in, thinks JKR is an evil bigot, doesn't even bother saying what he means at all by "trans rights" because he knows his audience already knows exactly what he means, and he knows that the general public at large are only down with "trans rights" when it's as vague as possible), so he's definitely either a fake or he's already lowkey pushing AGP into his own life, and probably the catalyst for his wife seeking out this info and forming these opinions in the first place.

I think you are right, the only way this can be real is if he's AGP.

It's just the way he covers so many of their talking points and doesn't accidentally bump into a controversy (e.g saying 'all trans people are dysphoric'). It suggests he's spent a lot of time on Reddit absorbing their viewpoints.

He doesn't approach it in the whole 'I'm just a bumbling normal man who doesn't understand all this, I want to be fair to all sides but I heard this 'Terf' thing was bad?'which would ring true. But no, he's somehow well-versed on everything TRA.

How many married blokes in their 30s with kids have time to do this? The ones I know spend their time working to put food on the table, and if there is spare time, football/pub/games consoles. They are worried about the economy, not this stuff.

Maybe the writer of the post should have made their 'main character' a teenage/early 20s woke activist who's angry with his terf mum. That I could believe.

How many married blokes in their 30s with kids have time to do this? The ones I know spend their time working to put food on the table, and if there is spare time, football/pub/games consoles. They are worried about the economy, not this stuff.

Also, what would he gain from this? If this is not something that concerns him personally, why risk rocking the boat in his marriage over it? Most straight men I know would just basically smile and nod and hope that they won't have to listen to their wife rant about it much longer.

He probably wanted her to take him clothes shopping or let him wear her underwear, and now he's annoyed that she won't pander to his burgeoning genderfeels.

Burgeoning genderfeels! Great phrase! I am imagining some grotesque baby goblins in lingerie lurking in a closet, chuckling to themselves about 'ladydick' and 'skirt goes spinny', one day a slimy hand emerges from the door...😱

[–] spw [OP] 7 points Edited

It could be something like he realizes that his wife is realizing he is a useless idiot and won't do what he wants anymore, and he is unhappy about this and is using this as a way to push blame on her and make her look like the bad guy in this?

I mean, he does seem to be incapable of looking after his own children, which would certainly annoy me if I were his wife! So yeah, maybe she's been on his case about it, and this his his way of showing she's really the bad guy.

Let’s for one second pretend it’s real. They divorce. OP meets the trans craziness his wife was warning him about. He finally believes her. Result? His wife should NOT take him back. He’s shown his true misogynist colours when it mattered most to his wife. He made childcare HER sole duty. He’s dictating where she shouldn’t go. He’s dictating what she’s allowed to do on social media. And he’s refused to see her side of anything (refusing to read the articles she wanted to show him).

OP’s wife, if you’re real and you read this, leave that man and never take him back. You deserve to be around people who respect you and don’t treat you as property.

I'm somehow always floored at how many people can seem to think it's the GC response to this kind of thing that is the problem. I know if you read TRA twitter feeds, you will find TRA thinking, and we are all off in our own bubbles, but it's just so weird.

I really do get confused - online I am hopeful things are shifting bc I see more activity in my little GC bubbles. But then I can go peek into the other side and they seem to be just as active and self-assured as ever. And in real life, there are just a very random set of experiences for me...

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 26 points

This sounds so fake but it’s still funny, esp when he says he doesn’t want her to raise the kids as terfs behind his back

This loser won't even care for his own children. I hope she leaves him and soon.

So in other words a man who will ask the opinions of men pretending to be women on the internet who are complete strangers before actually putting any effort into considering his wife's point of view is befuddled as to why she's angry with him? And is actively trying to prime their children against her beliefs behind her back? And refuses to, you know, actually fucking parent for a moment in an attempt to try to force her to not participate in activism she's passionate about?

Hope like hell she realizes he isn't fixable.

Yeah, this

She also wants to go to some terf event and I said i wasn't going to look after the kids then as I didn't want to facilitate her going and she got mad at this and has threatened to take them with her.

Pissed me right the fuck off. He doesn't even notice that he sees childcare as her job, not his, because if he did it wouldn't even be an option to him to say "no I won't look after the kids", as he clearly is well aware she won't ever say, otherwise this wouldn't even work in the first place.

I've noticed a few men saying they "won't look after the kids" if their wife decides to go somewhere, like it's an option they have.

My husband and I just say to the other, "Hey, there's this thing I want to do on my own this day, are you fine looking after the kids by yourself for awhile?" We're just making sure the other won't have a plate that's too full while we're gone. We don't ask if the other person will watch the kids like they're doing us a favor because the kids are both our responsibility.

It's never dawned on me that I would ever tell my husband I won't watch the kids alone, and it's never occurred to him either.

It sounds like she was very naive about everything before and has peaked a lot on everything. I think its only a matter of time before she realizes, I reckon about a month

I can barely hold a conversation with a TRA without getting thoroughly disgusted or exhausted. I couldn't be married and raise children with one

They generally come across as perverts, cultists, or some other kind of creepy/unbalanced.

If this is real, I hope she divorces his ass, takes their kids, gets the bulk of their assets, and ruins him in the process. What a useless dolt.

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