From this gem of a post with TIMs complaining about feeling “alienated” by women: https://archive.ph/DncBh

This guy says he would “make up” that he has a menstrual cycle in conversations with women and give healthcare workers arbitrary cycle dates. Umm…pretty sure ALL those people know you are a dude! Your pill induced moobs and constant lies don’t magically make you a woman.

Wooooow, a bunch of men pretending to be women talking about how they tune women out because they can't relate to us or our experiences.

All that shit you can't relate to, dudes? That's literally the "being a woman" part. The rest is costuming, affectations, and male gaze shit.

Almost like they have no place being in that community.

It would appear that's a logical path that they're simply lacking the equipment to tread (and they'd probably blame that on "lady brain," but...)