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Why do they have to lie about everything? This is comment is nothing new, but time after time it appears that these people have a severe lack of maturity, like going to any lengths to uphold their own lies, even in the context of medical help

When you lie to medical professionals, the only person you're hurting is yourself.

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That person's post history is interesting and a bit sad. He's in his 70s now, but he transitioned and had surgery in the early 1970s. He says he was an extremely feminine gay boy, also kinda looked like a girl, and his sexual orientation became very evident ever since he was 12. He wonders if today he'd be able to live as a feminine gay man without transitioning, as he feels he would be more accepted, whereas in the 1960s he was treated like some sort of deviant for his orientation (he doesn't use this word). He is also a widow (widower? His partner was male).

I don't know, after reading all those posts I almost felt bad for him. He doesn't seem aggressive, like most TRAs are, and he even says he doesn't understand parts of the trans community today. I think in a way he was a victim of sex stereotypes and was strongly encouraged to transition to "hide" being gay, and now getting in touch with the community after 50 years of living "as a woman" has left him extremely confused. I don't know, he seems so honest in his posts that this one claim I could believe.

I’m pretty sure a good deal of transsexuals, male-to-female, were gay men really. And honestly, since the TRAs are so intent on transing historical figures and the like, well, maybe we should start going back and looking at these transsexuals and saying “Hey, wait a minute, it sounds like they weren’t actually trans”

Also, if he’s so afraid of “sounding stupid,” that ship sailed when he decided to be a grown-ass man going around telling people he menstruates AND thinking they actually believe him. 🤡

And behind his backs the nurses and doctors involved in his care are talking about how they have to placate him for the sake of “inclusivity.”

I feel so sorry for any healthcare workers who are forced to waste their time (and the other patients’ waiting time) with this insanity!

It feels like a complete violation of the ethics of the profession to have to cater to delusions about human biology.

From this gem of a post with TIMs complaining about feeling “alienated” by women: https://archive.ph/DncBh

This guy says he would “make up” that he has a menstrual cycle in conversations with women and give healthcare workers arbitrary cycle dates. Umm…pretty sure ALL those people know you are a dude! Your pill induced moobs and constant lies don’t magically make you a woman.

Wooooow, a bunch of men pretending to be women talking about how they tune women out because they can't relate to us or our experiences.

All that shit you can't relate to, dudes? That's literally the "being a woman" part. The rest is costuming, affectations, and male gaze shit.

Almost like they have no place being in that community.

It would appear that's a logical path that they're simply lacking the equipment to tread (and they'd probably blame that on "lady brain," but...)