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Every store is stocked with pallet after pallet of Harry Potter branded merchandise. Playing cards, water bottles, bed sheets, sweatshirts, dolls, figurines. HP is one of the top audiobooks on Audible and other services. Amazon suggests HP on it’s video streaming service. JKR simply cannot be canceled. My generation is not giving up HP, just cussing out JKR, screeching “may that transphobique WITCH be DAMNED” before reaching for the next HP branded thing.

Consider also that it has been the case for almost two decades. This is a cultural behemoth.

Yesterday I was at the pool, I saw a woman reading a book while sunbathing - guess what it was? I went to Hamley's a week before, there was a whole section dedicated to just one fandom - guess what it was?

JK Rowling will be remembered as THE most influential writer of our century - and I hope TRA nonsense will be forgotten for good, perhaps it will be in some memo in medical books about malpractices to avoid.