There aren't 41k people who believe this BTW. Twitter has literal bot armies pushing weird agendas. I'll bet it's more like 10k. Just like the trending pages, all fabricated to push a narrative.

It's meant to demoralize us.

Yup. I'm shadow banned on twitter. When I like something, often the like count goes down unless I click on the post itself. It doesn't even have to be GC stuff, could just be a popular animal pictures account or something. It's clear I am flagged by twitter because of who I follow, who follows me, what I (mostly) like, what I tweet and retweet, etc.

Is that what that is??? I've noticed that when I like tweets as well.

I asked about it and a lot of radfem/gc accounts experience the same thing, apparently. It's annoying. Oh well. I currently have a 12 hour suspension cos I said I hope Colin's head would fall off all by itself. 😂