The whole reason this tweet exists is that a lot of TRAs were and still are absolutely OBSESSED with Harry Potter. They are trying so hard to quit it or justify enjoying it, and it will never stop bothering them that JKR is GC. So many celebrities are chanting TWAW, but they would exchange them all just for her. This will never not be funny to me.

I liked the books, to some extent the movies, but I never understood making HP the basis of my personality and identity. Its just..weird.

Same! I enjoyed the books a lot. I've seen some of the movies and liked them, too. But Harry Potter wasn't a huge part of my childhood.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 41 points

Every store is stocked with pallet after pallet of Harry Potter branded merchandise. Playing cards, water bottles, bed sheets, sweatshirts, dolls, figurines. HP is one of the top audiobooks on Audible and other services. Amazon suggests HP on it’s video streaming service. JKR simply cannot be canceled. My generation is not giving up HP, just cussing out JKR, screeching “may that transphobique WITCH be DAMNED” before reaching for the next HP branded thing.

Consider also that it has been the case for almost two decades. This is a cultural behemoth.

Yesterday I was at the pool, I saw a woman reading a book while sunbathing - guess what it was? I went to Hamley's a week before, there was a whole section dedicated to just one fandom - guess what it was?

JK Rowling will be remembered as THE most influential writer of our century - and I hope TRA nonsense will be forgotten for good, perhaps it will be in some memo in medical books about malpractices to avoid.

Liked by 41 000 people who think the following are ethical:

-grooming children into a body modification cult & mutilating them with puberty blockers, hormones and cosmetic surgeries

-converting homosexuals into straight trans people

-fetishistic AGPs & AAPs invading spaces for gay people

-sending male rapists and femicidal murderers to female prisons

-quack doctors sending vulnerable people (mentally ill/traumatised/autistic/internalised homophobia/internalised misogyny etc.) to be butchered by plastic surgeons; prescribing hormones on the first therapy session; promoting DIY hormone abuse (even for minors)

-letting weakened males take away women's place in sports

Just some of the main things, the list goes on.

There aren't 41k people who believe this BTW. Twitter has literal bot armies pushing weird agendas. I'll bet it's more like 10k. Just like the trending pages, all fabricated to push a narrative.

It's meant to demoralize us.

Yup. I'm shadow banned on twitter. When I like something, often the like count goes down unless I click on the post itself. It doesn't even have to be GC stuff, could just be a popular animal pictures account or something. It's clear I am flagged by twitter because of who I follow, who follows me, what I (mostly) like, what I tweet and retweet, etc.

Looking forward to the Hogwarts Legacy video game coming out in February.

Yaaaass! Gonna buy it, deluxe edition, pre-sale whatever! Take my money JKR!

Same lol. I don’t give a damn. I have no moral qualms whatsoever about supporting this amazing woman.

I'm not even super into HP but I'll buy it anyway just to support JKR and because it looks fun.

[–] [Deleted] Lvl5 Laser Lotus 16 points

These types always say "it's not even that good" meanwhile you know they're the ones who made it their whole personality like 3 years ago 💀

[–] VestalVirgin 13 points Edited

Well, it is better than their new personality, in any case. Should have kept the Harry Potter personality.

This makes me wanna play Harry Potter films on a loop for hours on like 6 devices on Netflix or whatever. And keep borrowing the books out of the library again and again. Just because this idiot said it was unethical. In fact, I think I’ll watch one tonight.

I don't think there is any ethical consumption of media with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in them. :(

Only half joking - I do wish there was a remake without them.

It's just so sad that a remake or new movie or whatever wouldn't have the adult actors in it.

You might enjoy this video about Emma Watson being a “true feminist”:


Clive Simpson always makes me chuckle.

Im not very familiar with Harry Potter's books or movies. What's wrong with Radcliffe and Watson? :o

Besides being a genuine fan, it's because of stuff like this that I always put "Harry Potter fan" in my bio 🤣

Honestly, I’ve gotten so into Harry Potter out of spite. Like more into it than middle school me

Same lol. I don't even know if I would be that hell bent on buying Hogwarts Legacy if not for TRAs.

I couldnt read Harry Potter cause I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness. It was on my bucket list of things I need to catch up on since I left the religion and now I've pushed it up the list to buy the books when I get back to work out of spite of for these idiots. JK can have all my money.

Reminds me I gotta buy some Harry Potter fan merch. I mean, I personally think most of the stuff you can buy is cheaply made trash (scarfs and socks and all ... cheap plastic fabric) , but ... well.

Gotta annoy those TRAs a little. :)

Anyone have patterns for knitting Ravenclaw socks and stuff? I can't knit, but perhaps my mother might make some for me ...

I do not enjoy stuff like this but I'm more than willing to just give JKR money. Maybe she has PayPal? I'd love it if she was to use my money to wipe away fake tears upon hearing the plight of trans people.


I know, but I want to give her money personally, just out of spite.

JKR is an incredibly thoughtful and gracious person, who not only turned millions into avid readers, no, she also is one of the few (at least to my knowledge) ultra rich people who is actually using her money to do good.

You can get beautiful 100% lambswool HP scarves made by the Scottish knitwear company, with their own woollen mill, who made the costumes for the film sets. Expensive but really lovely.


"Warner Bros. purchased Lochaven branded school cardigans, jumpers and tank tops worn by the entire cast and extras for every film in the Harry Potter film series. In 2010 Lochaven signed a global license agreement with Warner Bros. to supply replica co-branded garments as official Harry Potter merchandise to retailers worldwide"

This is a STEAL for lambswool sweaters, honestly. I clicked thinking at least $200.

Sorry, gave the page for sweaters instead of scarves! The scarves are gorgeous, I have a 300g wool Ravenclaw one (weirdly costs the same as a sweater!!!)

https://www.lochaveninternational.com/storemain.asp?intcategory_id=9 https://www.lochaveninternational.com/storemain.asp?intcatalogid=1&intcategoryid=9&intsubcategoryid=0&intpage=2

Oh man, I wish it was colder where I'm at. I would love to buy some of this merch.

It's beautiful! Presumably/hopefully JKR gets royalties or a cut.

I have a Ravenclaw scarf which is genuinely a beautiful scarf that I'd want to wear regardless of HP/JKR associations. I'm considering the cardigan or sweater for this winter :)

I always stayed away from Harry Potter merch because it's tacky— merch in general is tacky. Then TRAs cancelled JK Rowling, so now I buy LOTS of it and just embraced the tacky charm 🤣

[–] Tq231442 2 points Edited

I bought a Harry Potter mug for no reason the other day. Just because I want them to see their sales going up at all times.

Edit it was also super on sale 🤣

I have a Harry Potter stitching book at home, remind me in three days and I can take a look for you. Knitting and crochet, I believe.

A movement hellbent on destroying childrens’ minds and bodies while waving rainbows around has no ground to stand on when talking about ethics. Ignore. This is part of the extinction burst before the final fall.

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