They're doing this shit to kids out in the open and nobody will stop them because they're convinced it's 'life-saving care'.

Absolute fucking barbarians deserving of their own Nuremberg trial.

I do wonder if we'll have global truth commissions in 10-20 years.

It wouldn't have to be global... I'm convinced it's not coincidental that transgenderism is concentrated in countries with high consumption of porn.

The one thing I miss about having Twitter (deleted, not kicked off) is watching the amazing feminist women I followed on there unapologetically call out the logical fallacies they faced. Goalpost shifting, strawmanning, appeals to authority, appeals to emotion... of course, they get blocked because we're the ones with the receipts, but it warmed my little terfy heart to see women doing that. Invariably eloquent and calm Ovaricians, and TRAs working themselves up into a frenzy and screaming their little toddler-y cry of 'wah, wah, you don't know better than me! I'm not talking to you any more!', provided one heck of a contrast.

Keep it up, all you wonderful, inspirational, brave women. There are so many of us behind you.

(Also I saw not once but TWICE some of them calling out my self-admitted AGP transwoman ex who I didn't even know was on Twitter until I saw those. My heart was glowing at seeing that abusive damp sock get told what was what by women with more intelligence and poise in their toenail clippings than he could dream of. )

I admire those women too. They manage to produce concise, to the point, well-grounded defences and refutations, and they know they're going to get abuse from and then get blocked by the people they are confronting. And they keep on doing it.