These people are genuinely insane. Supporting lesbians is "homophobic" and acknowledging that disabled people are often vulnerable is "ableist" now apparently

I don't get how they think she is racist? Like if you think the bank trolls are supposed to be Jewish people, that's just your own racism coming out. No one even brought that up or thought of it until she stopped putting up with men's stupidity.

Gee, I sure hope there's bots like this for EVERY famous figure with 'problematic' issues.

Is it a political sub? As in green party? If so, I really hope they point out that Ashton "Aimee" Challenor - a former member of the Green Party in Coventry - is a diaper-wearing fetishist married to a pedophile and whose father, also a pedophile, kept a young girl tied to their attic radiator. Everytime he's mentioned they should have this lovely bot stating these facts, maybe with actual links and sources too since they're actually available.

I wonder if she would have grounds to sue? No “allegedly”, no ability to speak back, no links to her writing, just lies. People in the comments are telling newbies that JKR is transphobic and no one asks for more info or sources, just “oh I didn’t know that, thanks for the information”

One can hope they answer that way to avoid problems and then go on to look it up themselves :/

I've definitely grey-rocked people who come across as on a hair trigger by responding that way in the moment, with absolutely no intention of taking them at their word.

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That's about what I'd expect from the mods of that sub lol

You made the mistake of going on r/greenandpleasant.

Automoderator is just a generic bot that can be modified to whatever the actual mods want it to do.

I don’t know what the sub is, it was a recommended post on lesbians getting kicked out of pride. I know it’s a generic bot, but it’s still something published on Reddit that isn’t being addressed by the owners of the site, that mods have programmed, so it’s still libel surely?

I wonder what's in that "rundown"

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I'll go use a random throwaway account to trigger the bot and report back

Edit: my account is probably too new to have my comments show up