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"Only fans money, sugar daddies, escorting."

Yeah, letting old disgusting men rape you for money is so easy and fun. Rape is a cakewalk. Compared to being an off-putting loser who can't even make a friend because of his own shit self, which is way more devastating.

Why can't these men ever just work on themselves instead of turning into misogynists? He doesn't even have any women around and it's still women's fault. How do they turn out this way???

This sounds like if some guys started talking about how much better it is to be a slave because you don't have to worry where your next meal is coming from or pay any bills. You just live life on easy mode and do a little gardening. And then hating slaves for their "easy life".

Not a full answer, but I wonder if some of it isn't due to the very odd, stilted way kids are increasingly being raised? Where there's so much pressure on kids in school settings to act like they're all friends or at least are all neutral to each other, mandating everyone gets invited to everyone else's birthday parties, everyone gives each other a valentine, conflict between kids often immediately gets adult intervention. I'm not saying this as a 'bring back bullying!' rallying cry, but think when kids are developing social skills they need to be receiving real social feedback from each other to avoid being stunted and a lot aren't getting that in real life, particularly boys with a diagnosis of something, such as autism (who seem to be radically overrepresented in incel-leaning spaces), which in a number of schools has translated into turning a blind eye and encouraging students to "be nice to him" even when a boy does things like hitting, kicking, and biting other students. And hyper-supervised childhoods in general, where someone's parent is always watching or close at hand when they're playing together to swoop in if things get negative.

So take a kid whose main interaction with other kids is through that artificial school setting where he's being shielded from the normal social consequences of his behavior, and then add in him shaping those social skills (or lack thereof) through reading things like reddit, increasingly shifting to incel spaces as he gets out into the real world where no one's being pressured to be around him and tolerate his poor behavior, and as he gets more frustrated that his interactions with others, particularly with women, aren't "working." And he blames women, because he's never actually learned consequences for his actions.

That's a really interesting point. Being set up to fail in same ways, aren't they. If you can't learn when young that acting terribly to other people will leave you isolated then when do you learn that?

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It reminds me of this (very male-centric) quote: “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

I think good parents want their children to have better lives than they did, they want them to be happy, to be comfortable, for things to be easy for them, to protect them from being hurt, and some parents are advantaged enough in society to successfully secure that for their children...for a while. But if children don't experience conflict, they don't learn how to handle conflict. If all they know is comfort, they don't know how to handle discomfort. They don't learn how to handle disappointment if they're given everything. They don't learn consequences of their actions if they don't experience them. They don't get stronger if they aren't challenged by anything. If they're not allowed to fail, they don't learn how to move past a failure. If mom and dad "make friends" for them (I've even heard of some parents paying kids to hang out with their unpopular sons), they never learn how to make friends. I think all of these painful experiences are a huge part of growing up, and without them pushing you to grow you don't tend to grow up, just get older (and that's a part of how we get all of these old-ass manbabies).

“Stolen Focus” goes into some of this, you might be interested in reading it. (I know Johann Hari is controversial with alleged past plagiarism but he seems to have redeemed himself)

Huh, I'm pretty broke, I don't have sex, and I only have a few close friends that are mainly online friends. I guess I qualify as a man now.

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I need more friends too, I especially sorely lack female friends after my ex bff dumped me. she was a TiF. :(

the only people in my social circle besides my family rn are my bf and a male online friend. that's it💀

Before the pandemic I had very few female friends. I made quite a few online ones now, but I'm waiting a few weeks until I can start making in-person connections (I'm moving). It sucks being so isolated for so long.

I'm also about to move. I have an old classmate girl who lives where I'm gonna move, and we can hang out and I might meet her friends. I can't wait to just get out either. where I live now, everything is a dead end because everyone knows everyone - there isn't anyone to get to know and become friends with. most people my age have moved out already for geopolitical reasons.

Sorry but I'm really bothered by this-

feminine skinny body

Dude, in what way is your body feminine? What does that even mean, a body is feminine or masculine? You have a MALE body. Your MALE, MAN body is not feminine because YOU suppose it resembles a skinny woman's body. Even a skinny woman with a very flat chest STILL HAS BOOBS. YOU DO NOT. YOUR MALE CHEST LOOKS NOTHING LIKE A FEMALE CHEST. Even a woman who is not particularly curvy HAS A FEMALE SHAPE THAT YOU WILL NEVER HAVE. Your hips will never look like a woman's, skinny or not. Mother Nature gave women these things, and try as you might you cannot take it. All you can do is make a grotesque costume to jerk off in.

I'm angry because I just realized that TIMs probably have this idea that a male body which in their mind resembles an extremely thin woman's body is their best chance of passing. Thin women are not some sort of default. Thin women will never and have never resembled males just because they don't have an hourglass shape. Keep thin women's name out of your God damn mouth.

Also, it’s not like it’s impossibly difficult for a man to build some muscle and look more like “a mogger Chad”. All I’m hearing is that dude is lazy and puts in zero effort into self-improvement.

He literally blames not having friends on being male...as opposed to not making friends with people, not putting in the work to build friendships, or just generally being unlikeable enough no one wants to be friends with you. And validation...of....? Women tend to be nice to our friends, but that's a mutual thing. He's out there coveting and resenting the nice things we have, when the reality is those particular nice things aren't things that can be given, they're things we only have because we put in the work to create them, nurture them, maintain them.

So yeah, this dude is pure 'my life sucks and I take zero responsibility for that.'

Also another case of a dude who thinks being a woman is synonymous with being a woman attractive enough that men will be your sugardaddy and you'll make a killing on onlyfans. Which also by all accounts is about a 180 from being the bed of roses this cretin is imagining.

To them, anyone who isn't a roided out monster is "feminine." It's a result of consuming too much media and spending too much time staring at pictures of muscle bound dudes online.

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Any young person willing to have sex with men can get sex

It’s just that the vast majority of what is offered is not what you want and/or comes with risks. Std/sexual assault/ murder.

For women there is all this plus the addition of pregnancy and reputation.

And there is a term called ‘the orgasm gap’ for a reason

So have at it dude

As for the friends thing. You gotta give to get so you’ll be in the same position. Except for the guys who say they are friends but want free sex.

Any young person willing to have sex with men can get sex

Exactly. But I think that men will have sex with any woman. So they think that them wanting to hook up with older and obese women on tinder means that young women want to sleep with old and obese men too.

What was he, before his four year stint inceldom? And how did he get into that? The promise of not having to wash your hair and nobody expecting you NOT living in yo momma's basement? If it was that, he's got another thing coming, because as a woman, you are yo momma and need to supply the basement. Also, people expect you to wash your hair.

What was he, before his four year stint inceldom?

An overly horny teenager with a beginning porn addiction

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I'm broke, asexual and my best friend is a copy of Darkest Dungeon, where do I turn in my woman card?

I'm you but just with zero libido at the moment. Lets look for this place together.