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"Kinda tired of safe spaces that aren't actually safe for trans women"

wow I wonder what other demographic, rooted in actual biology and taking up 50% of the world's population, also feel that way?

I may or may not have made an encouraging comment that got a lot of upvotes....may or may not have stuck around to upvote all the comments agreeing...and looks like they are trying to make their own sub now so.....big kek

Edit: it's r/trans_sapphic and it is taking off. Hahaha.

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Literally nothing it stopping them, it takes two seconds and is free. He posted this: 1. As a way to complain in a not so subtle way about real lesbians 2. For attention, like everything else he does

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Don't mind if ya do!

And no, please, don't stop there—you're more than welcome to go all transbian-separatist in physical spaces, too. And sports. And changing areas and restrooms and... a whole WORLD of possibilities! O Pioneers! Go west young man (or in whatever other direction takes you away from Women)!
We'll miss ya ((wink wink)) I swear...

I heard there were a bunch of women only, lesbian separatist places in Antarctica. But you probably wouldn’t want to go there, right?

Really, ok here’s some tickets I just have to hand

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I hear real estate is pretty cheap in the McMurdo Dry Valleys down there.

Granted, the last time any precipitation fell there was more than 2 million years ago, which ...might be sort of a problem? Call it a challenge!

The complete lack of self-awareness from the commentators saying having separate spaces isn't a bad thing...

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I'm skeptical this will take off. Men are better usurpers than creators. gestures broadly at all the things

Omg i hope the hilarious terf called ok helicopter man is here, she sounds amazing!

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As if they’d stick to that any more than they accept third toilet offers. The whole point is to force themselves on unwilling women.