I can’t even find this funny. I am just gobsmacked by the sheer delusion and narcissism. There is no female reproductive system on which to get anything like adhesions, fibroids or endometriosis. Or anything else that might cause a painful period.

And if it was actually a phenomenon occurring as some weird side effect of taking cross-sex hormones, you know what would be really useful data to try to understand it? Disaggregated sex data!!! Putting ‘male’ on your medical forms!!! Because you have no uterus!!!

Granted, these are just a few sad, confused people on a forum but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a shred of compassion. It’s all fun and games until they start using valuable women’s health resources.

[–] puppy_cat 10 points Edited

I still have yet to see TiFs try to argue they have prostates now, or that they have testicular torsion or something with their skin bag balls. But the TiMs are happily making up the most insane fantasies imaginable. I'm sure they are experiencing some sort of symptoms, but those pains or whatever else are from their bodies rejecting the horse piss hormones that don't belong, not menstrual cycles. Or some kind of placebo effect. Or a little column a, little column b.

[–] Genevieve 18 points Edited

I always cycle at the new moon as well


He's a werewolf, just not a self-aware-wolf lolol

If women started saying that we went blind in one eye at the beginning of our cycles, I wonder how many of them would purposely blind themselves so they can have the "euphoria" of being "just like 'cis' women". I want to feel bad for them, because if ANY grain of what they say they experience is true, then those symptoms require medical attention (for men). Male bodies don't experience any of the premenstrual or menstrual issues that female bodies do. They physically cannot!!! Enough is enough. I can't believe this is what we're up against! And with the mantrums they throw, they're strong-arming people into accepting it, knowing damn well no one believes it.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 23 points

"[–]TransThrowAway482618Trans Pansexual 22 points 10 hours ago I guess if you don't mind me asking, is it similar at all to like testicular pain? Or is it closer to other kinds of abdominal pain?"


god this is so fucking obscene

a bunch of men cosplaying women's reality with not a shred of self-awareness

how can there be so many moids with such little humanity? it's frightening we have to share the world with these hellish entitled parodies. how much more do we have to take?

You have diarrhea bro. Take a break from the Doritos and Mountain Dew

The one recommending a hot water bottle for the cramps. What cramps ahahahah

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 14 points

[–]NotCis_TM 5 points 8 hours ago Perhaps the number of intersex transfems is just higher than we expected. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive awardreply [–]TarvidD12 3 points 6 hours ago There is some coincidental alignment of Transfem experience periods and those whos brains if not genome are aligned to XX. But it isn't everyone who experiences pseudo periods is intersex

They really are desperate to imagine that there is any sort of biological claim to womanhood for them. No, you're not intersex. No, you don't have an XX brain. You're just an average dude who spends too much on the internet.

These men are completely delusional. They're play acting, but every time I see one of those archives they totally sound like they actually believe in their game. I never took play acting seriously even as a child. This is seriously disturbing. What is causing this!?!?!?

Social contagion and culturally-specific mental illnesses are very real things, whether men of a certain culture are convinced their penises are shrinking or people of another experiencing Wendigo psychosis. Also things like dancing epidemics and laughing epidemics sweeping through Medieval Europe (for some people to the point of death), which had a number of potential contributing causes but typically are classified as a kind of mass hysteria. Salem Witch Trials. People in groups can collectively lose their minds and reinforce and escalate each other's delusions. These dudes may not be close in location, but they've systematically removed anyone who might actually say anything to dispel their mass delusions. And they really, really want to believe.

History students of the future are going to have a lot of fun reading about this. I can picture the “fun facts” memes already!!!

I don't even have cramps and I still bleed a lot. But I guess it's not a real period then.

Sometimes I seriously wonder if this is like the opposite of a placebo effect; they want so badly to have "periods" that they're managing to bring their imagined pains into existence...

When I had my hysterectomy, my doctor left one ovary and I could tell when it was "time for my period." Because I still had my cervix, and it experienced the same changes as always. I didn't have any cramps BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE A UTERUS.

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