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I'm in an LGB-only group on Facebook, and the other day someone also shared some whiny "If you buy this you are a transphobe!" post by a TRA. There were even multiple men going "Ok, fuck that, I don't even like Harry Potter, but I'm buying that game."

Streisand effect, anyone?

you are helping warner bros know that the harry potter universe is still economically viable

Yes that is the point. Glad you got it

What do you want to bet this person buys clothes made with sweatshop labor?

She most certainly does. After all, it is mostly women who work in sweatshops, and she doesn't care about women and children, as made obvious by her TRA stance.

I'm gonna pre-order the deluxe version and there is nothing y'all can do about it!

I did just that yesterday. So satisfying.

I watched the 15min trailer with my Nigel today and we agreed on buying the deluxe version for both ps5 and pc. Joanne, enjoy my money, you deserve it!

All that complaining is making me want to make a giveaway here once it comes out. I'll be gifting a copy every single friend I have too. Do I need it both for PS and PC? No, but I'll still get it.

It's the spite at this point.

I was thinking this might make a great gift for my kids -- buy one for each of them so they can play together over discord. Gaming nights have been a great way for them to stay connected as they've started to grow up/go to college/move out.

I'd... love this, but 1) physical address issues in a world of doxxing 2) shipping expenses 3) potato PC πŸ₯² maybe donate the same amount a copy would cost back to Lumos or something? haha

Hah, preferably online depending on the options there'll be.

That's a really nice idea though, thank you. I'll do that.

Head tilt: check. Hair used to cover adam's apple: check. Masculine jawline: check.

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