Mate, you are just some bloke , you didn’t transition into a woman as you still have XY chromosomes , you have to take hormones just to look slightly feminine. This man could never understand the female experience and he never will. Only men can be trans women, therefore TIMs only speak for men as that is their only experience.

Most people don’t have a gender identity they just have their personalities alongside their sex , you can be a feminine man or a masculine woman doesn’t make you any less male or female. If I were to have any masculine hobbies or interests it won’t take away any female points from me, I will just be a woman with masculine interests.

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"neurobiology/gender identity" as if those are two similar concepts is the funniest thing I've seen all day.

I can skinwalk women all day long, but those dumb bitches can’t know what it’s like to be a man. Logic! ✨

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I think they're starting to say they're trans because they have a mismatch with the sex people "assigned" them but that they actually ARE the opposite sex now... :/

Are they going with brain sex here? Because I think that leads back to 'born in the wrong body'.