So men with assault rifles, dressed head to toe in black, faces covered, and wearing body armor ensuring that pedophiles can put on a drag show for children and groom them.

Regardless of the actual content of Drag Queen Story Hour, I'm shocked that parents would show up to an event, see the armed, masked militia outside, and take their kids anyway.

I bet these vile black pampers feel really big with these guns, like they almost forget for a moment that they're micro dicked losers whose high moment in life was to scare normies so that a bunch of fetishists have access to children.

Imagine having a kid and loving it, only for it to become this.

Yep. Perverted men in whatever state is a okay near children by today's standards. But breasts are still considered a sin unless a man is getting off to them. And well then, women are considered "wh$@$" for "letting" it happen. 🙃

[–] mrsmeyers 19 points Edited

Keep Roanoke gay but don't say you're gay or the gender cosplayers will kick you out and call the cops while screaming acab

I thought the left hated gun nuts? Guess not when they're terrorizing people they don't like!

Isn't that always the case? People hate something untill it benefits them...

Most leftists do not hate guns, this is a common misconception just because your average center left liberals are afraid of them.


A picture tells a thousand words and this is certainly the case here. I honestly am speechless…I’m glad the receipts are being kept because that’s one for the history books.

Antifa? The ones who protested at Wii Spa when women complained about a serial flasher flashing children?

They need to be dealt with ASAP.

Wow, what a time to be a child in America! Go into the fun zone, which is guarded by people wearing skimasks yielding assault rifles and contains men dressed as women doing unclear things! Look how happy everyone looks!

Seriously... Why would kids enjoy this? It seems terrifying!

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 11 points

You'd have to be negligent and stupid to take your child to this. Imagine bringing your babies around deranged men with guns. Even police (who have training!!!) accidentally kill people. These freaks are ticking time bombs. And if they're there to "protect because it's so dangerous" then why risk a shooting just for a goddamn pride event?

And I still don't understand what kids would find particularly fun about drag shows! Granted, kids often have weird and sometimes horrible taste in entertainment (one of my nephews really, really enjoyed listening to and relating consumer advice), what would they find so enjoyable about watching adult men live out their fantasies? Almost everyone in the crowd looks miserable! Like they expected roller-coasters and/or ice-cream and all they got was bad clowns.

What parent would take their child into that mess?

Also even if the drag queens aren’t pedos, half the Antifa will be.

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Why do Americans want a civil war so badly? Imagine putting your life in danger so that a man with a wig and egregious makeup can dance in front of a bunch of children...

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