With the history of Black women in America being stripped of our personhood and womanhood, and made nothing but baby makers and wet nurses, they are really trying to make this a thing?

This is SUCH a bad look and I can’t even imagine how it would feel to be a Black woman reading that shit. Have Black women ever been properly thanked or celebrated without some bullshit like this as an agenda that they are the shield for? It’s disgusting.

To me (and I could be wrong) It seems weird to separate black women from all other women in this situation tbh, even without the erasure of the word woman. I mean, mothers of every colour breastfeed. It’s important to recognise specific obstacles black women face but this just feels...othering? Alienating? Idk :/

America loves their slave talk, because that's what that language is. Utterly dehumanizing, going back to their roots.

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Actual men have breasts though??

I never got "chestfeeding" for this exact reason. Its completely correct to call them "breasts" on both sexes.

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According to this article, there are different breastfeeding initiation rates across racial and ethnic demographics. So maybe this is a bad attempt to try to try and address it? Or something?

Also, TIL that the CDC tries to raise breastfeeding rates each decade.