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If I became filthy rich I would start building a harem of teen sugar babies. I'm talking like 10-15 honeys with nice asses. All natural, absolutely no surgery allowed. All Latinas, 18/19, and just retire and train them to be my perfect little harem. Never use a condom ever again and keep them on birth control so I could cum in them. I'd build a bdsm room in the basement and have another area outside by the pool and teach them how to be obedient sex slave when I wanted that. For all that I'd spoil them beyond belief lol.

god, they're so disgusting. "10-15 honeys"??? this is literal pedophelia wtf

everything about this man is revolting. gross.

I think he means 10-15 women.

oh i read it wrong. thank goodness. but 18/19 year old Latinas isn't any better. unless i read that wrong too