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Top comments both mention "college girls" or 18-19 year-olds!!! They know that in even the most desperate of circumstances, older women have the experience to know that no amount of money is worth the degradation of prostitution. Plus most of these men are pedophilic, they're saying "18-19" here but the subtext is that they will buy as young as they can. Absolute garbage humans.

Yeah, their limit is 18 because it's the legal limit and the socially accepted limit. If they could, they would go way younger.

18-year-olds seem like children to me.

I'm only in my early 20s and I can't help but view the 18 y/os I teach as children... I can't imagine having a relationship with any of them!!

Yeah, they're really baby faced and they're also so immature. I can see when a boy that age is handsome but I can't feel attracted to him