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Ngl this is so triggering. The comment about the harem sounded exactly like my ex (I only found out after we broke up). I want to throw up and curl up in a ball and cry.

I hate men so much and I truly believe there’s no hope for them.

Really missing myself 10 seconds ago before I ever knew this subreddit and these males existed.

I'm so grossed out right now.

I would start building a harem of teen sugar babies.

I would instead opt for every flavor of the rainbow.

hiring beauty queens just to piss on them

I don't ever want to hear another man open his whiny ass baby mouth again squealing and whining about "misandry."

the same guy who said "teen sugar babies" also said "10-15 honeys with nice asses". he's a pedo

[–] Amareldys 5 points Edited

If I was filthy rich then maybe I could get the attention of the only girl that matters and wouldn’t need the hobby.

On the one hand I feel bad for him… being in love with someone who isn’t interested sucks.

On the other hand, being rejected does Not mean you “need” to rape poor people

Dude maybe becoming a non rapey person would go further to winning her affections than a wad of cash

Why feel bad for a man who feels entitled to a woman at all? Women go through this and it never makes us act out

Because I'm a sucker. And I remember being disappointed in love.

It's always teenagers. And categorised by race.

These men could not handle an actual relationship with a woman of their own age. They wouldn't be able to keep up.

They want child slaves.

[–] friedparata 2 points Edited

If I became filthy rich I would start building a harem of teen sugar babies. I'm talking like 10-15 honeys with nice asses. All natural, absolutely no surgery allowed. All Latinas, 18/19, and just retire and train them to be my perfect little harem. Never use a condom ever again and keep them on birth control so I could cum in them. I'd build a bdsm room in the basement and have another area outside by the pool and teach them how to be obedient sex slave when I wanted that. For all that I'd spoil them beyond belief lol.

god, they're so disgusting. "10-15 honeys"??? this is literal pedophelia wtf

everything about this man is revolting. gross.

I think he means 10-15 women.

oh i read it wrong. thank goodness. but 18/19 year old Latinas isn't any better. unless i read that wrong too

Everything they are describing seems to me like the most pathetic and sad life. The type of women that they are describing don't really exist. They will pretend they exist, they will conform to the fantasy, and men actually are dumb enough to believe it. Having to pay women to pretend to like you and all for a couple minutes of friction. It's so funny to me how men waste so much of their lives chasing those 5 minutes of friction

further proof that college tuitions are spiked to benefit the patriarchy.

Starting to think that if I was a billionaire I'd hire a private detective and a hitman and then start finding out the identities of Reddit scrotes.

I don't mean it about the hitman obviously because my comment could get deleted if I did. I might just post their comments on public billboards in their hometowns.

You're my soulmate because I thought the exact same! If I had unlimited money I'd open a centre for stray/abandoned/abused dogs and cats first - and then I'd use the rest to, well, what you wrote more or less.

[–] omerta ftmtf pride 19 points

Top comments both mention "college girls" or 18-19 year-olds!!! They know that in even the most desperate of circumstances, older women have the experience to know that no amount of money is worth the degradation of prostitution. Plus most of these men are pedophilic, they're saying "18-19" here but the subtext is that they will buy as young as they can. Absolute garbage humans.

[–] friedparata 1 points Edited

one of they says "10-15 honeys with nice asses". fucking pedos. it's further proof that if the legal age was lower than 18, they would absolutely go that far.

Yeah, their limit is 18 because it's the legal limit and the socially accepted limit. If they could, they would go way younger.

18-year-olds seem like children to me.

I'm only in my early 20s and I can't help but view the 18 y/os I teach as children... I can't imagine having a relationship with any of them!!

Yeah, they're really baby faced and they're also so immature. I can see when a boy that age is handsome but I can't feel attracted to him

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