There are some genuinely awful male authors out there, and I can guarantee none of them have such awful reviews attacking their character or person.

I hate these people.

I reported some of those reviews for harassment, seeing how harassment is described as "This review includes harassing content, threats, attacks on the author's character, and/or retaliatory, vengeful, or hostile statements against the author".

Goodreads allowed "Charles" to put 1 star reviews on over 7,500 mostly lesbian books and never took any action against him.


Good. Keep doing that, please. Those reviews are legit irrelevant, useless spam.

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She should be on her knees thanking the LGBT+ community not saying hateful comments on twitter like a pretentious child.

This one pissed me off a lot - she should be on her knees??? Sorry what? And thanking the TQ+ assholes (because this has nothing to do with the LGB)? What does she have to thank the TQ for? How many people trying to cancel her are literally pretentious children living at home with their parents spending too much time online and inventing a gender for themselves to make up for the fact that they have no personality?

Anyway - I haven’t read it yet but I gave it five stars - just to piss them off.

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besides, she gets a lot of vitriol and hate online from TRAs lol. complete lie as usual - and these comments are examples.

there was one comment that said JKR is too "obsessed with internet trolls". really turning around the narrative huh? she was literally doxxed by these assholes. why the hell should she not worry?

I know it's been pointed out before, but I'm rewatching Jesus Camp and just got to the part where they're ranting about killing Harry Potter and making heroes out of warlocks and other unhinged nonsense. It's just insane to me that JKR has had to put up with fundy nutjobs for YEARS.

Offending the gods of evangelicalism and gender, what a queen. 👑

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I am gutted that I will not be buying this book. I like each one even though the names in the book are ridiculous.

I really hope it is a massive failure, JK does not deserve the amazing fans she "had". 90% of the Harry fanatics are LBGT, Potter was the reason why some of them are hear today, the sad truth is a high number of teen suicides are because of sexuality and her writing made people connect escape the real wold.

She then says the most hateful and disrespectful things about trans rights on Twitter and shatters the hearts of so many vulnerable fans.

She should be on her knees thanking the LGBT+ community not saying hateful comments on twitter like a pretentious child.

I know that any decent loving people will not be buying any of her books going forward to show alliance with the trans community.

Anyone who says she's right or that there is nothing wrong with what she's said then ask the people who she comments effect, before you decide what is offensive and hurtful or you stick up for her on here or twitter ask someone who is trans how her comments made "THEM" feel!

Quite honestly, you have NO RIGHT saying what she said was correct or that there was nothing wrong with it because unless you are trans... keep quiet as you really have no idea what you are talking about.

Reading is about learning so why don't you stop being a keyboard warrior and ask a trans person how they feel about what was said. Then decide if she deserves your money?

I am a gay man and my sister is trans so let me tell you, if you really do ask someone then you will not be standing by her. Anyone who replies to this comment saying they know someone who is trans etc... that's great but ASK them how "THEY" feel about her.

This insistence on their power and influence. If 90 percent of hp fans were lgbt, it wouldn’t have the global reach it does. That is still a small segment of the population. This woman is a billionaire with theme parks. You don’t get that by only appealing to a niche audience.

I pre-ordered this book and it hasn't even arrived at my house yet but I already want to give it 5 stars just to counter this ridiculous attack on her and her work by these crazy people

Most of these reviews are pre-publication sniping. I’m tempted to block the idiotic TRAs, but I might report them for harassment first.

I have to admit I’m not thrilled to learn that it’s about Internet trolls. I feel like I see enough about trolls as it is IRL without having them in my fiction too. I’ve been avoiding all the fiction about the Internet that’s been coming out. But I trust JKR-as-Robert-G enough to buy and read this on audio and paper as usual. Only, I’m going to wait until I’ve finished rereading the earlier books instead of jumping right on it.

The idiots on Deuxmoi were complaining about the book being too long amongst all the usual lies about what a hateful transphobic bigot she is, and about how she’s a stingy billionaire with a victim complex. Did you know it’s longer than the Bible though?? That makes it bad!

Complaining about a book having too many words for you to read is not terribly self-complimentary.

That said, there are absolutely books with too many words for me to read.

I got banned from r/deuxmoi without any explanation after calling out Bella Hadids antisemitism.

I don’t like mystery novels but I really kinda want to try these just to stick it to them.