Oh boo fucking hoo. The manthing has it so bad! If men weren't domestic terrorists and sang Kumbaya there would be no need for women shelters. No male shelters? Fund the startup. No dad groups? Make one. No, men want us to do these things for them. At worst they want to slather on crudely styled eyeliner, bad fitting wigs, and women's clothes and join our spaces.

I've been a SAHM for almost a decade now. I just recently had my 3rd and final baby and I've basically had to start all over since my two others are much older. Motherhood is so fucking isolating.

Poor house husband has the sad feelz because I'm sure others see how pathetic he is and that his wife is probably struggling being the breadwinner and caretaker while he sits around and plays video games.

Men must be so emotionally weak and fragile if a couple questions and no groups for them make them want to off themselves. Toughen up, sweet cheeks. It's what the mothers do.

Once again, motherhood is isolating as hell. You're assumed to have it all put together. Struggling? Depressed? Suck it up buttercup! It's a thankless job in itself. Where are my pats on the back? Wait, I don't get those because it's just expected of me.

Fuck this whiney ass male.

Wait he leads the life of a stereotypical sahm which many women and a minuscule amount of men do... And his conclusion is that is the men suffering? Is he stupid or something?

so he decries living the life multitudes of women do the world over, claiming it is driving him to suicide.

Women must be such bad asses, having for so many centuries survived household chores and childcare without resorting to killing themselves.

So, he's going to take to the bottle because...there was no dads' group and people praise him for taking care of his kids?

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Plus, at least in the US, there are men-only Alcoholics Anonymous groups he could attend. He would probably come up with an excuse to not attend them.

If he's so butthurt that men don't have support groups or shelters or whatever, maybe he can gather round his fellow men and build support groups and shelters, etc. for men. What the fuck does this Chad think? That women's support groups and shelters were built by men, or that we had to ask men permission to build them? Women have to support ourselves and men on top of it? Fuck outta here with that nonsense.

Let's be honest, a male shelter would end up being like prison... They destroy everything they touch.

Shit, you're probably right, but it's their own fault if they can't be civil around each other.

As someone who was raised by a single mother and who had to stay in a shelter for 2 years with said mother (a domestic violence shelter), that angered me so much I almost disliked this post in rage forgetting where I was, omfg.

He's right about higher suicide figures amongst men being much higher in the West and Japan, but I don't get why, if he knows he is doing the right thing for his family, he does not feel enough self-respect to be able to shrug off what others say, even if it is annoying. He can simply tell people he's a "househusband" and that it is a "proper job" for anyone to do—but I suspect he doesn't believe that himself.

And he doesn't see that he's doing precisely what women are doing and have been doing since the year dot, which should increase his respect for us. But no, he finds a way to blame us instead.

Men dont seek help. Women are going to therapists, clinics etc to get better.

Quite true. And MRA actively turns men off from seeking help, as well as lying to them, even while pretending to help them and champion their cause.

cool. you're a (stay at home) dad. that doesn't mean you pushed something out of your vajayjay and shat yourself in the process. also, women need shelters because men rape them.

Is....is he saying that men commit suicide because they can't handle what he considers to be women's work?

It's not babysitting when you're the dad

I think he agrees with that, and resents when people reduce his role as a SAHD to a babysitter. If feminist want men to take on more domestic duties and parenting, even becoming SAHDs to support their wives' careers, I don't think ignoring the fact that SAHDs are really treated like shit helps our cause.

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