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769 likes on a 1m old tweet. Mmmmmmm hmmmmmm

I hope she sues the fuck out of all these assholes. Time for them to feel the heat.

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Coming from the people who force lesbians and gay men to live in the closet about not being attracted to the opposite sex.

they will try anything to defeat her but guess what? she’s undefeated

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Hasn't JKR historically been very pro LGB? This fake tweet doesn't even make sense. I hope the OP is pissing herself in fear right now 🙃

That's the thing. They can't comprehend that people who disagree with them aren't one dimensional comic villains. The idea that someone can be pro-women and pro LGB while also being anti gender is impossible to them. They picture TERFs to be full of nothing but hatred and anger. That's why their attempts to make fake posts are so pathetic. It's not just this one. Also when they posted a screenshot of a tweet "from JKR" saying that "those American birds should have kept their legs closed" about the abortion ban. Everyone with sense knows JKR would never say this but to them it seems plausible that she would.

Lol the friend hates JK so much they have tweet notifications on just for her. I know this is fake but the implications of that are hilarious

It’s always funny when they don’t realize she will call them out directly.

I'm a bit jealous, they get so much attention from her.

They'll probably even get a letter from J.K.'s lawyers, which is almost as good as getting a letter from her personally.

Perhaps they are actually (crazy, stalkerish) fans who are trying to get her to notice them?

The closest thing to a Hogwarts letter they'll ever get. They ought to be thrilled!

What drives me most nuts about this is that they inevitably whine about how it's harassment and literal violence when they're called out. Nevermind that they started it by making bullshit claims! And it's not even just JK herself, any attempt by anyone to correct their bullshit gets treated like a hideous attack on a poor, meek QT+ person. So they can lie and sic their thousands of internet followers on you, but god forbid you respond to defend yourself in any way.