I read this agreeing that it was so wrong to erase the women's bathroom and that the image (the woman icon with a large square censoring her body) really encapsulated how misogynistic it is.

Then I realised the problem they have is that the toilets didn't do a thorough enough job censoring the offensive existence of women.

Tldr; a school converted a womens restroom into a gender neutral restroom.

Rather than be angry that it’s the womens spaces that are being sacrificed again, a TIF is moaning about the fact that they left the womens sign above the door (probably just forgot or didn’t have the tools to take it down,) is “triggering” for her and all the other genderspecials.

It’s not a first world problem. Women had to fight for our own bathrooms, we’re literally developmentally regressing with gender neutral toilets.

Look at all the rape that happens in India, where a large segment of the population has to just go to the bathroom outdoors. I doubt a gender neutral bathroom would reduce rape but a women’s bathroom would.

Have you heard of World Toilet Day?

Having to fight for a toilet is a real problem, having the bad feels over using a toilet because you are physically female, but the “gender-neutral” bathroom the admin of your school gave you, which was born from a sacrifice of a womens restroom, still has an old “WOMENS” sign above it, is a first-world problem.

Women had to give up their private space to accommodate genderfeels - that’s very much a real problem. The genderfeels still being unhappy because they’re reminded that this was once a womens restroom and they think the word “woman” is mean- first-world problem.

That is so typical. There's a new one doing the rounds allegedly from the Houses of Parliament which is a Photoshop job... but I almost believed it.