It’s not a first world problem. Women had to fight for our own bathrooms, we’re literally developmentally regressing with gender neutral toilets.

Look at all the rape that happens in India, where a large segment of the population has to just go to the bathroom outdoors. I doubt a gender neutral bathroom would reduce rape but a women’s bathroom would.

Have you heard of World Toilet Day?

Having to fight for a toilet is a real problem, having the bad feels over using a toilet because you are physically female, but the “gender-neutral” bathroom the admin of your school gave you, which was born from a sacrifice of a womens restroom, still has an old “WOMENS” sign above it, is a first-world problem.

Women had to give up their private space to accommodate genderfeels - that’s very much a real problem. The genderfeels still being unhappy because they’re reminded that this was once a womens restroom and they think the word “woman” is mean- first-world problem.