Well, they can hardly replace it with pansexual, since P is reserved for...a different group.

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They do have like three Ts or something, so... And with all the letters, no one knows what's what, so they could also just keep the B and make up some new identity or sexuality with B that it can stand for.

Well you see, dear bigot, Bi doesn't mean that you like 2 genders as in man and woman, it means that you can like any genders as long as it's only 2 !! 😄😍😍🌈🌈

Some lunatic told me this for real lol

I've heard this spoken as well. that bisexuals can be into any two "genders". so I could be into men and genderspecial men, and that makes me a bisexual woman. as Magdalen Berns said, "Fuck off."

I'm bi, and it's in the name - biSEXual. the prefix bi = two, and "sex" is obviously biological sex.

I've seen TRAs describe bisexual as "two or more genders". I was arguing with one once - when I was a trans supporter myself, funnily enough - that bisexual is the only word in English where the prefix "bi" supposedly means "two or more". bicycle doesn't mean "two or more wheels". bilingual isn't "two or more languages". it's bullshit.

I’ve heard it as you are attracted to your own “gender” and other “genders” that aren’t yours. That’s the 2.

Of course it makes no sense and no other word is like that. Bicycle isn’t my type of wheel and one different type of wheel from me, it is TWO DIFFERENT WHEELS. Bilingual isn’t your mother tongue and every language that isn’t your mother tongue, it’s one language and another different language.

This is why I am okay with pansexual or omnisexual for gender nuts, because I don’t want to be lumped in with that, but they should change the “sexual” part to something relating to “gender” instead because those sexualities have nothing to do with sex and everything to do with gender aka aesthetics.

bicycle doesn't mean "two or more wheels". bilingual isn't "two or more languages". it's bullshit.

I have made the same argument in the past and did you know what they answered?

  • LaNguAgE eVoLVeS
  • Someone who speaks more than two language is called bilingual! (No dude, it is called multilingual) What? You're wrong! And anyway LaNguAgE eVoLVeS!
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I've heard it as well, but it makes no sense that attraction to 2 out of 573 genders would be highlighted in the title LGBT, coming even before the precious trans! Where's attraction to 3 genders, or 4 genders?! Why is 2 so special!? It should be LGBTTPHHONDPOPT -- lesbian, gay, bisexual, trisexual, tetrasexual, pentasexual, hexasexual, heptasexual, octasexual, nonasexual, decasexual, polysexual, omnisexual, pansexual, transgender. Also love that my computer highlighted most of those as incorrect words, but not trisexual, or anything after decasexual 🙃

That's because there are only two, and "genders" used to be synonymous for "sex". Lmfao at the ban

Wow that brings me back lol

Good times, right? My favorite is still "STARFISH LOVES YOU!!". :D

I actually only watched the first Charlie, possibly the second but I'm not sure. I was more of a fan of salad fingers, foamy the squirrel, and happy tree friends 😄