I think people were downvoting her because she’s being a bit ridiculous. If your primary concern is that your body might get slightly more curvy and fearing your NB status being slightly Invalidated, instead of your reproductive health and autonomy being maintained idk why you would go to a birth control sub just to complain about your hesitation to start BC because of your “queer” status.

I think it's the same urge as all the TIM "I'm trans am I welcome here?" posts in every kind of forum, the same urge as people who publicly flounce out of a conversation or announce they're deleting their forum account because everyone else sucks so hard. The same urge as a little kid in a pool, "Mom! Look at me! Mom! Mom! Look at me! Look at me look at me lookatme lookatmeeee!!!" It is an immature brain seeking attention and approval.

Yeah I suspect a lot of women have a lot less patience for this BS, now that Roe is gone and women's health clinics are shutting down